Ragdoll Blaster 2 Review

When it comes to object-launching physics games, Ragdoll Blaster is the cream of the crop. In this sequel, Backflip Studios improved the fantastic original in many ways, making Ragdoll Blaster 2 the best of its kind on the App Store.

The most important aspect of Ragdoll Blaster 2 is the level design, and this game doesn’t let us down. In order to shoot your ragdoll into a target, you must figure out how to solve a puzzle. One of our favorites involved using ragdolls to push a box containing a target between two massive hammers. You then hit a button and they swing together, shattering the target’s case and allowing you to finish the level. Another involves turning a gear to spin wheels, which will ‘grind’ a ragdoll between them and into the goal.

The claw has chosen you.

Almost every level has something unique about it, which is impressive considering there are over 150 levels. Some levels include different casings around the cannon, like ice, a ball, switches that reverse gravity, and portals. These individual elements might have lost their appeal quickly, but the developer combined them together in clever ways that make playing through the game a lot of fun, even on the more challenging levels.

Doodle-themed games are far too common on the App Store now, so the graphical change in this sequel was a great choice. The new steampunk style really fits the game well. There are a few spotty backgrounds that were a bit too low-resolution for our taste, but it’s easy to ignore considering the solid gameplay.

Also new in this sequel is the ability to add a laser pointer to the touch controls for precision aiming. This probably won’t appeal to ragdoll veterans, but newcomers should find it much less frustrating to send your ragdoll flying through small gaps with this addition.

Check for flies before using the matter transporter.

Online scoring through Plus+ is done in an interesting manner. Levels are divided into different ‘rooms’, which net you an overall high score based on how many total ragdolls you used to complete them all. Your score is then matched with others online. While the game may not be ideal for online scoring, as there is a set top score available for each group of levels, the integrated achievements are nicely done.

One feature we feel is missing from Ragdoll Blaster 2 is a level editor. While there is sufficient content to keep you occupied for some time, the ability to create, upload, and download more levels always improves the long-term value of physics games.

Even if you’ve never played the original, this game is a Must Have. Ragdoll Blaster 2 sets a new standard for projectile physics games, and any puzzle fan should launch themselves over to the App Store to pick this one up.

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