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Since Pocket Legends was released back at the iPad launch, Spacetime Studios has continued to reward players with incredible post-launch support. There are now dozens upon dozens of instances, PvP, a quest system, starting areas for each race, and more. In this review update we’ll cover some of the highlights of recent developments in the world of Pocket Legends.

Questing is an essential element to any RPG, and Pocket Legends has finally added this in its latest “Adventure” update. The first part of this comes in the form of three different starting zones, one for each race. These explore some light backstory on the characters and introduce you to game mechanics. They’re also single player experiences, so you won’t find other players inside with you.

Each of these ends with you taking a portal into the main town, which serves as a hub for pretty much everything. Here you’ll take on quests in the first three instance packs available in the game. These can be completed with other players, which helps keep things moving quickly. The developers are promising quests in other areas in future updates.

Grouping with other players just got a heck of a lot easier. Following in the footsteps of WoW’s random instance finder, you’ll be able to click a button and automatically be grouped with other players in the instance of your choice. If you’d like to pick a group from a list, that option is still available, but instantly jumping to the area where you need to quest and having others playing alongside you isn’t something we’d pass up.

Pocket Legends has also recently added player vs player combat. Entering a PvP match follows the same simple system as grouping for an instance and pits you against players of the same level. The two types currently available are 3v3 and 6v6, both of which must be purchased separately.

One misstep is how in-app purchases are now handled. Instead of each item having a dollar price, you’ll now need to purchase them with an in-game currency called “platinum”. Platinum is bought in bulk, much like the system Ngmoco has adopted for their various games. On one hand, some items will cost less than $.99 in theory, but it also adds an extra layer to making transactions that ends up getting in the way.

The UI and menus are still overly-complicated as well, especially when it comes to the store. There are tons of check boxes, tabs, advanced options, and more that can confuse players. Hopefully this will be one of the next items to be addressed in a future update. If Blizzard’s recent developments with WoW are any indication, players like simplification without sacrificing depth.

Despite these lingering issues, Pocket Legends is one step closer to that fully-fledged MMO we’ve been waiting for. We still aren’t convinced that it has reached Must Have status, but if you’re at all interested and still haven’t checked it out, we highly recommend downloading it for free.

We’ve been waiting for that World of Warcraft-style MMORPG to storm onto the App Store for some time now. This hope has finally become a reality with Pocket Legends, a cross-platform cooperative dungeon crawler where you match up randomly with up to four other players and slash through lands invaded by evil knights, zombies, and other creatures.

Pocket Legends isn’t an MMO in the traditional open-world sense. You navigate from dungeon to dungeon by means of a menu system. This is a fair compromise, although you need to click a lot of buttons to find what you like. There isn’t a good way to quickly find a group at your level, as everything is compiled into one place. We’d like to see the menus streamlined in a future update.

However, we aren’t here for the menus. It’s all about working with other players, or by yourself if you choose, to smash through a variety of levels referred to as “instances” in MMO parlance. There are a lot to run through, with 14 available at first and 18 more difficult levels available via map packs for $1.99 a pop. The downside is that most of them feel pretty similar and have the same kinds of enemies, just tougher and more plentiful.

We’re startin’ up a posse.

Once you start, Pocket Legends is a lot of fun. There is something about charging enemies with your team of warriors controlled by real people that gives you a sense of excitement not found anywhere else in iPhone or iPad gaming.

Once you beat the initial levels and have some skills unlocked, there is a good amount of depth to the combat. A wide variety of moves can be deployed, like a ground stomp that sends your enemies falling onto their backs and ‘buffs’ to temporarily increase your stats. You can also talk with the other players through the chat box and view a map of the dungeon.

Besides stat managing, which is fairly simple, there isn’t a whole lot of customization. Each of the three classes is paired to a specific character which has one player model. As you level up, you can get new gear, but your progression is very straightforward.

Once you finish all the dungeons and have your character at a high level, there isn’t much more to do. The lack of end game content that gives a continuous challenge means the only thing left to do is mindlessly run through familiar halls or try out a new character. Buying slots for this extra character costs $0.99 each.

If you choose, you can also buy the best armor with real-world money. This takes away a lot of the reward associated with attaining such weapons, but it’s up to you if you want to take the shortcut.

Racking up the loot.

Despite these flaws, Pocket Legends is a lot of fun. For free, you’ll get a few hours of fresh content that works across both the iPhone and iPad. There is no discernible difference between the two versions of the game, either, except that on the iPad you can zoom the camera out further, and all of the menu items are neatly tucked away on the edges of the larger screen.

Since the apps are more like clients, the developer can release updates to your device any time. There is still a lot of work going into the game at the moment, as there seems to be new content every time we log in. Even if this isn’t usually your type of game, you should give Pocket Legends a try for free.

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