Updated: Pix’n Love Rush Review

The adorable retro remix Pix’n Love Rush has just been updated with Cursed mode, a run ‘n jump variation on the game previously exclusive to the iPad version. This style of gameplay is much better suited for the smaller iOS devices, so it’s a welcome addition. For more information on this new mode, check out our review of Pix’n Love Rush DX for iPad.

Also worth noting is that two new modes are slated as coming “soon” and “(not so) soon”. We don’t know anything else about these now, but we’ll let you know as soon as we do.

We still randomly pick up Pix’n Love Rush from time to time. It’s a great game, and we’re happy to see the developers giving this little gem the continued support it deserves.

One of our favorite retro-style games, Pix’n Love Rush, just received a brand new gameplay mode. It’s called Rainbow Rush, and while it’s not as deep as the original modes, it’s still fun.

Playing off the concept of changing the backgrounds as you advance, Rainbow Rush is all about getting a high score. The level scrolls by quickly, and you have to tap to jump up a level to avoid roadblocks, reappearing at the bottom once you jump up from the top.

The twist is that if you hit the rainbow power-ups, the backgrounds will change colors. It’s visually appealing, but not quite as striking as the gaming-themed backgrounds in the original Classic Rush mode. Pix’n Love Rush is a great game, and even if Rainbow Rush isn’t our favorite mode, we’re not going to gripe about added value for your buck.

Love. It’s in the title, and it’s also certainly what we felt after stepping away from Pix’n Love Rush. This is one of the most original casual games we’ve played in a very long time.

Pix’n Love Rush has you frantically running through levels randomly picked from a pool of 125. Each sports its own unique flair, stemming from concepts such as falling down, jumping upward, or simple horizontal platforming. Regardless of the level type, the goal is to collect coins, avoid minus boxes, and shoot bats overhead with pellets while avoiding hitting the angels.

When you first open up Pix’n Love Rush, you only have a five minute mode available. Here you try to survive for five minutes without dying too many times. Once you pass this test, infinity mode opens up. This is a survival mode where you can go for a high score and then post it onto the OpenFeint leaderboards, and this is also where most of the replay value lies.

Monster vs. Mushroom Kingdom.

As you rack up combos by avoiding baddies, the graphical theme and music changes. These transitions add an extra layer of personality that take the game from being a blast to masterfully conducted mayhem. You’ll always be eager to see the next theme, and left on the edge of your seat trying your hardest not to slip up.

The downside to Pix’n Love Rush’s pre-made levels is that once you master each one, the level becomes easy. With 125, though, don’t expect this to become a problem too quickly.

On top of all this, the game has stellar controls. We never felt cheated when we died, because we could control the little monster very well. With an excellent level of responsiveness, you’ll be able to maneuver onto tiny platforms with precision.

For $0.99, what are you waiting for? This is a game you really must experience to truly ‘get’. There just isn’t much not to like about this modern, retro-styled gem.

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