PapiJump Land Review

All great platforming games eventually make the transition from 2D to 3D (results not guaranteed). It happened to Super Mario Bros, it happened to Castlevania, and now the same change has come to Sunflat’s PapiJump. PapiJump Land does a good job of translating Mr. Papi’s nimble tilt gameplay into 3D, and it turns out that Sunflat knows a thing or two about level design, too.

The preternaturally happy Mr. Papi is just as bouncy in this game as ever. The little fellow is in perpetual motion, bouncing in whichever direction you tilt your iPhone, and gobbling up every hamburger he comes into contact with.

Each of this game’s 30 stages has burgers tucked into every nook and cranny. Mr. Papi and his insatiable appetite are on cleanup duty. Standing in your way are moats, spiked balls, and blocky green bad guys that kill you in one hit.

These isn’t an endless, auto-generated game like the first PapiJump–these levels take skill to complete, and some of the later ones are pretty inventive. You have to carefully bounce in place on elevators that lift you into the sky, make nearly impossible long jumps, race deathtraps to safety, and evade an invincible enemy, to name just a few challenges.

You can uncover secret extra lives for bragging rights, but it’s not necessary, as there’s no penalty for continues. You can also skip right past troublesome levels and come back to them later.

There’s something to be said for super-accessible designs like PapiJump Land, but we still wish Sunflat had added a powerup or two to the mix, such as a high jump or a water bounce. We think that such completely vanilla gameplay stands out a little more in a 3D game than it did in 2D.

Still, we smile upon PapiJump Land. It’ll take a good while to beat completely, especially if you want to find all the hidden items, and it’s a good buy for 99 cents.

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