Mole Kart Review

There’s an interesting conundrum that most gamers face: We’re always comparing one game to another. When we play a game we don’t like, we want it to be more like another game that we do enjoy. However, when two games are very similar, there’s a problem. Instead of creating a wonderful racing game for kids and adults that we’ve never seen before, the developers of Mole Kart have gone too far in the realm of mimicry. There’s nothing original here– just a mobile clone of the classic racing game Mario Kart.

When we say it’s Mario Kart, we really mean it. From the weapons to the tracks, you can find all of the elements from the Mario Kart series here. While green shells might be disguised as spiky balls, the tracks are barely disguised at all. It’s a wonder the developers even changed the name of the tracks.

Have we met before?

The driving controls are fairly standard for an iOS game. You have the option of using controls on the screen to steer and accelerate, or you can use your device’s accelerometer to steer. Of course, the goal is to win the race with the help of weapons and speed boosts. You can also choose to race in a time mode, where the only goal is to complete the fastest lap possible.

The only real originality in Mole Kart are the characters. Mario is replaced by Mole Man, a funky little man in a white suit and helmet. He’s also accompanied by a bear, his evil nemesis, and, of course, a princess. The character art is surprisingly unique and well-done, but there is very little of it in this rehashed world of kart racing.

Mole visits the Mushroom Kingdom.

Unfortunately, you start the game with only two playable characters. The other four are available after either unlocking them by winning medals in races, or by purchasing them. This also applies to the tracks you race on. Some you will need to pay a couple of bucks for, but don’t bother if you already own the original Mario Kart games.

It’s hard to say Mole Kart is a bad game when it’s based on such a successful series, but it’s also difficult to applaud it for anything new. While Mole Kart does have unique characters, they’re not enough to justify stealing the look and design of a kart racing classic. The racing is fun, but part of what makes Mario Kart great is the innovation and charm, and you won’t find that here.

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