Mittens Review

The barebones story in Mittens does not bode well for the game. You play as a male cat trying to win the affections of a female cat who’s more interested in having you do things for her than in being your lady-friend. So you spend the game risking life and limb to bring her treasures like milk, balloons, and mice. Seems like a raw deal. Thankfully, the gameplay is more fun than the story.

Like hundreds of iOS games before it, the levels in Mittens are divided into packs, so you progress through one physics-based environment after another to unlock new levels and different themed worlds. Each level has three diamonds scattered around for you to grab if you’re feeling ambitious.


Gameplay-wise, you don’t control Mittens directly. Instead, you do things like cut ropes, chop wood, activate valves, and shoot him from cannons to move him from point A to point B. He’s basically like the pieces of candy in Cut the Rope.

As you make your way from one level to the next, new gameplay elements are introduced, like cars on tracks and springboards that fling Mittens into the air. If you’ve played other popular physics games on the App Store, Mittens won’t blow your mind, but the gameplay is solid and enjoyable. Another minor complaint is that you can’t move the camera to see what dangers lurk ahead, which sometimes results in death.

Mittens is a fine game, but we know Disney is capable of more. Where’s My Water, for instance, felt fresh and exciting when it launched. If you enjoy physics games and haven’t gotten bored of the genre yet, Mittens will scratch that itch.

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