Mini Golf Wacky Worlds Review

Mini Golf Wacky Worlds offers up some incredibly creative courses, colorful graphics and plenty of items to unlock. While it doesn’t quite nail a hole-in-one, this crazy golf experience is definitely hitting under par (for those unfamiliar with golf, that’s a good thing).

The real draw in any Miniature Golf game is going to be the courses, and these don’t disappoint. With 36 holes spread out over four worlds, there are plenty of challenges standing in your way. We had to deal with thin and breaking ice, a multitude of cannons and even a few oversized rodents wielding butcher knives. Truly the stuff of nightmares, those.

Say cheese!

What’s really cool is the ability to spend credits you earn as you play. Not only can you upgrade your wardrobe with a bunch of accessory items, but you can also buy a putter that allows you to control the ball after you hit it by tilting the device or hitting a button to make the ball hop over obstacles. This adds another level of strategy to the game, although it makes it a bit too easy to hit under par.

We wish there were more incentives to really refine our skills, but there’s not much to do here once you complete each 9-hole course. Not only does the game fail to record your best scores, but it doesn’t allow you to go back and play an individual hole, instead forcing you to go through the entire course. A multiplayer option would be really sweet, but there’s none to be had here. Even a pass-the-device option would be welcome.

We also wish there was a bit more to the putting game. Whenever you have a straight path to the hole, the game will automatically aim you directly at it. All that’s left to do is adjust the power correctly with an onscreen slider and hit the swing button. Games like Let’s Golf and Tiger Woods PGA Tour have much more rewarding swing mechanics.

A frozen wacky wonderland.

Adjusting the aim could be a bit easier as well. You merely slide your finger from side to side to aim, but this feels imprecise and occasionally our character would trip out and start spinning in circles as we tried to make slight adjustments. This didn’t happen enough to be a real problem, but it was a bit of an annoyance.

Mini golf isn’t really about your skills as a golfer, though. It’s more about overcoming the randomness of the courses and getting lucky when you time a hit to perfectly miss that rotating windmill blade. The graphics here are really well done, and they add a lot of charm that gives the whole game a lighthearted, playful feel.

Despite its shortcomings, Mini Golf Wacky Worlds is a solid, well-made game that should satisfy anyone looking to get some goofy putting in on the small screen. We’d recommend it as casual fun for all ages.

Beware the ladybug.

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