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Some games get lots of minor updates that bring on improvements slowly and steadily over time. Not Mighty Fin. Mighty Fin recently received a ridiculously huge update that does a number of great things for the game. It makes it a universal app, so iPad owners can now play it in full resolution on the big screen. It adds eight new levels, effectively doubling the amount of content in the game. It also adds new themes, music, and costumes. This update is kind of a big deal.

As great as iPad support is, the new levels are the real star of this update. The developers have gone above and beyond the call of duty to create gorgeous, imaginative new worlds. The levels in the original game looked great, but they were all based on realistic areas around the globe. Compared to those, the new levels are totally nuts. You’ll swim through a colorful world full of lollipops and cakes, a sci-fi seascape with robots and space ships, and a ninja-themed world based on the famous painting The Great Wave off Kanagawa.

Best of all, the new levels contain wild interactive elements. The sweets level has trampoline-like bounce pads that you’ll spring across if you jump on them at the right time. The ninja level has giant ninjas that pop up and toss throwing stars at you. And the sci-fi level lets you hop into a space ship and go for a ride. It’s all great stuff, and it expands the universe of the game magnificently.

This update absolutely kicks Mighty Fin up to the highest level of casual gaming awesomeness. It now fits comfortably in the league of iPhone classics like Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja. It’s about as enjoyable, cute, and addictive as they come. In other words, Mighty Fin has become a Must Have.

In Mighty Fin, you play as a cute little fish named Fin who really likes to swim to the right and jump out of of the water. He’s not as mighty as the title might lead you to believe, though, because nearly any little thing in the ocean can kill him. Not even his penchant for dressing up in costumes can save him. Instead, his life is in your hands. Welcome to your next time waster.

Mighty fin has a similar control mechanic to Tiny Wings: the only input you have is to make Fin dive down when you touch the screen. Left to his own devices, he’ll skip along the surface of the water like a well-thrown rock. But the control mechanic is nuanced, because the deeper you dive, the higher Fin jumps when he reaches the surface. Once you get used to it, controlling Fin is a cinch, and you can focus on collecting trails of bubbles for a high score, and avoiding dangerous animals and craggy rocks.

Sugar rush.

The game contains eight levels, with steadily increasing difficulty. Each level is randomly generated out of several pre-made sections, so no two runs are exactly alike. However, expect to become familiar with the sections if you replay a level a few times. Once you beat a level, an endless version of the previous level becomes unlocked. Although the endless modes are made up of the same pre-made sections, it’s always fun to see how far you can get. As we’d expect, your high scores are sent to Game Center leaderboards.

Also tucked away in the levels are costumes that you can pick up and put on. These don’t affect the gameplay, but changing looks between levels is a cute touch. The costumes range from hats and scuba gear to a Hulk Hogan get-up that includes a bandanna, sideburns, and a blond mustache. And here, we’d thought Fin couldn’t get any cuter…

The fish thinks he’s a bunny!

In addition, the game looks and sounds fantastic, with an eye-catching art style and laid-back beach tunes pumping into your earbuds. Our only real problem with the game is that we want more of it. Eight levels is great for starters, but we wanted more content once we got through it all. The endless versions of the levels are appreciated, but because they’re made up of a limited number of segments, they didn’t hold our interest for very long.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t play Mighty Fin. It’s a very polished one-button game that’s sure to give you at least an hour or two of fun before you’ll want to get out of the ocean. And once you beat the game, you can keep playing to collect all the costumes or to challenge your friends on the leaderboards. Like the best casual games, Mighty Fin is easy to start playing, but hard to stop.

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