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Mecho Wars just got an update earlier this week which fixed most of the technical shortcomings we had problems with before. It now allows you to see enemy movement and attack range, as well as much more detailed information about each troop both when building them and on the field.

Not only that, but now there is also an entirely new campaign, played from the perspective of the Landians, which adds significantly to the game. Unfortunately, there is still no feedback at the end of the levels, or any online multiplayer, but we are told that it is coming in the next update. All the same, these updates definitely push Mecho Wars up to a Must Have rating.

Mecho Wars recently released an online multiplayer mode in an update, complete with twenty game slots to play, as well as push notifications. You can choose time limits for turns ranging from five minutes to 24 hours, and you can choose between modes that include the usual campaign mode of conquest, to the rather unusual assassination, where each side has a target unit for the other side to destroy in order to win.

The online mode works through OpenFeint, and requires logging in to play. This leaves the game without too many major flaws in our eyes, making it one of the best turn-based strategy games on the app store by far.

Also, hot on the heels of this update is the release of a free Mecho Wars Online, which has only the online features of Mecho Wars, but it is also free. The major complaint that we have heard, and have ourselves made, is that there are often few opponents online to play against, though that isn’t much of an objection to the developers, since the online mode is very well created.

Fans of turn-based strategy have quickly fallen in love in UniWar, which is the closest strategy game in the App Store to big name players like Advance Wars. Oyaji Games has just come out with its own impressive take on the genre, which has a stunning presentation but also a few slight issues when it comes to the finer points of gameplay.

Mecho Wars puts you in the role of a soldier and tactician in the Winged Crusade, which is fighting a heated battle against the Landians, a strange mechanical species. While there is no explicit introduction to the two sides, you come to know them and the Eternity’s Child universe through the story-revealing dialogue at the start of each battle.

Why can’t we be friends?

The game’s design and gameplay draws heavily from Advance Wars, making the controls friendly and familiar to fans of the genre. However, there is no tutorial to introduce those new to the genre, even if the first levels do ease you into it.

Besides not telling you the exact moves, there is also no way to see detailed information about enemy units, including seeing their movement and attack range in the midst of battle. Sadly, there is also no feedback between battles, like grading or any recap. Add to that the lack of difficulty levels, and the replay value lessens significantly.

But apart from the game’s technical flaws, Mecho Wars is a brilliant take on the genre. The music provides a nicely composed ambience to accompany your battles, and it is matched by the stylized appearance of the gameplay. The battle sequences, as in Advance Wars, are depicted by a split-screen with units on each side and animations of the attacks. The depiction of the battleground is fantastically colorful, aided in no small part by its creative premise and strange species.

Let’s go, everyone! Our dinner reservations are at 6!

One of the most intuitive aspects of Mecho Wars is its addition of time and its relation to the environment. As time passes (an hour each turn), the light on the battleground changes. In the very early hours of the morning, any water on the map freezes. This allows ground troops to pass over the sea, adding a whole new strategy element to the game, but it comes with a risk, since tanks don’t float once that sea thaws.

Mecho Wars is a game with almost limitless potential, some of which is still unrecognized. The online multiplayer option in the game gives a “coming soon” message, and we’ll be investigating it as soon as it arrives. Fans of the strategy genre will love this game, but until it gets improved it will not have the storming force it’s capable of.

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