Little Things iPad Review

Scientists say we’re all made of atoms, but Little Things’ developer Matthew Hall begs to differ. What if everyone and everything is just a combination of other things, which in turn are combinations of other things, and so forth? It may sound ridiculous, but stick with us here.

Little Things is a completely unique take on a hidden object game. Instead of picking out objects from a scene, all the items are meshed together to create larger shapes, such as a dog or wheelbarrow. Each round has a different goal, like finding multiple objects in a set amount of time or spotting every time a certain object appears.

Performing well on a level will unlock a jigsaw piece. Once a certain number of pieces are unlocked, you’ll be presented with a tricky puzzle where you must match up objects along the sides of square pieces. These are a great diversion from the hidden object gameplay.

It’s all about the little things, like the mailbox in your dog’s head.

The hint system is also a nice touch. When activated, it will slowly darken parts of the image, revealing where the next object on your checklist can be found. There isn’t much of a penalty for using it.

What keeps Little Things from being an even more enjoyable game are the controls. Scrolling around images feels clunky, and occasionally our drag would register as a tap. The biggest oversight is the lack of pinch to zoom. At the moment there is a zoom button that allows you to toggle between a full view of the picture and a close view, only the latter of which you can actually use to play the game.

Otherwise, Little Things is quite a bit of fun if finding hidden objects is your kind of thing. It allows for relaxing gameplay that’s engaging without any penalties.

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