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Legendary Wars has just gotten an update that shows the developers are listening to feedback. Our biggest problem with the game prior to this update was that controlling individual soldiers became overwhelming in the more hectic stages. This update addresses this issue in a couple of ways.

First, in the options menu they’ve added an “enemy targeting” section, where you can now select “automatic.” This makes your troops better at defending against advancing enemies because they can now switch lanes without your direct input. This lane-switching tweak doesn’t work perfectly or every time, but it relieves enough micromanagement that it makes the game significantly more enjoyable.

They’ve also added group commands. Now, when you select a soldier, you can command all of the soldiers of that type simultaneously. This is a smart addition, because when you plan your strategy you generally want each soldier type doing the same thing. For instance, you might send all knights forward to attack, but keep the slow-moving dwarfs near your castle as a last line of defense. Also, the game loads noticeably faster now, which is always appreciated.

This update is just what the doctor ordered for Legendary Wars, making a game that was already a lot of fun even better. We can now fully recommend Legendary Wars as a Must Have title. Now if only they’d give us Retina optimized graphics, we’d be in heaven.

Legendary Wars has gotten another update, this one ridding the game of the only major complaint we had left about it: the muddy graphics. The game is now optimized for Retina display devices, and the sharp new graphics are as colorful and eye-pleasing as you’d hope.

To sweeten the pot, they’ve also made the game load faster and added achievements and leaderboards through Game Center. Now more than ever Legendary Wars is a smart buy, especially since it’s on sale for $0.99 at the time of this writing. If you like creating armies and battling monsters, be sure to pick this one up.

Legendary Wars is a castle defense game set in a fantasy realm broad enough to encompass zombies, skeletons, vampires, unicorns, gargoyles, and plenty of other fantastical creatures. Like in most castle vs. castle games, you’ll summon forth a righteous army and dutifully manage it as you fend off the forces of evil. To top it all off, the game has a whole lot of personality.

However, you won’t find much of that personality in the storyline, because the premise is about as cookie-cutter as they come. You live in a peaceful kingdom, one where knightys, elfys, and dwarfys all live together in harmony. One day a volcano opens up and spews forth minions of evil, and it’s up to you to stop them! (Admittedly, the adorable race names pierced our hearts’ defenses).

Who invited rock man to the party?

Thankfully, the game doesn’t depend too much on the story. Its main focus is on defending your castle, and that’s where the fun begins. Each time you enter a battle, you’ll see a 2-D field, with your castle on the left and the enemy castle way offscreen to the right. In the background is a cave that’s full of precious gems. Your first order of business in each level is to summon a dwarfy to mine the gems. Using these gems, you’ll then buy troops to fend off monsters that sprout from the enemy castle.

Although you view the battles from a side-scrolling perspective, the fighting takes place on three ‘lanes’ that you’ll need to populate with troops. Your troops can switch lanes, but they won’t do it unless you directly order them to. This becomes annoying if you send a soldier forward to attack, and he walks right on past enemies above or below him. Basically, your guys act like lemmings, moving forward mindlessly until something appears in front of them to attack. If they don’t meet an enemy in their lane, they’ll keep walking, even if they’re stopped by the edge of the screen.

That’s fine, we suppose, for people who enjoy micromanaging everything in a game. But in Legendary Wars you always have plenty of other things to do, like gathering the gems the dwarfys unearth, summoning new troops to battle, and making sure your lanes are covered. In the heat of battle it can become a little too hectic for you to happily guide each of your soldiers, especially when the screen is packed with troops.

We’re gonna want to focus on that giant dragon, methinks.

Beating levels usually requires you to destroy the enemy’s castle or to take down a hulking boss, but other mission types are sprinkled throughout as well. In some you’ll have to defend a hero character against a certain number of enemy waves or achieve a goal in an endless running level. And if you get bored of all that, you can play one of the endless modes you unlock as you progress through the campaign. So there’s a huge amount of variety in the game.

And the focus isn’t always on action. You’ll have to spend time between levels beefing up your defenses. For each level you complete, you’re awarded a certain number of gems and/ or moonstones, which you can spend to upgrade the stats of your troops or the castle itself. The difficulty of the game ramps up at a steady pace, so you’ll want to be sure to upgrade between each level.

The biggest complaint we have is the lack of troop AI, which brought us more frustration than fun in some levels. Another quibble is that the game doesn’t have Retina display support, so if you’re playing on a current-gen device, you might wonder if you forgot to put in your contacts.

Even still, Legendary Wars brings you tons of content and plenty of variety for a very small price. Overall, it’s a lot of fun too. If you want bang for your buck, you found it.

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