Kami Retro Review

Kami Retro is every retro gamer’s dream come true. Combining platforming aspects from classics like Pitfall, Super Mario Bros, and Lemmings, Kami Retro is the most original, beautiful, and addictive iOS puzzler we’ve played since Cut The Rope.

The concept of Kami Retro starts simple, but new challenges are added consistently across 60 levels. Your goal is to guide a little figure from the level’s entrance to the exit. To jump over gaps and obstacles, you’ll have to make a small upward swipe onscreen. You can also move objects in the environment, like springy platforms and high-speed fans, to make it the rest of the way.

Why can’t these be the shy ghosts from Mario?

This combination of a flexible environment and old fashioned quick-reflex timing is simply genius. Imagine how much more challenging Super Mario Bros would be if you could drag and drop parts of the level before making your run. To make things even crazier, you don’t have just one figure to guide to the exit– you have four, and often a new one will come out before you’re done guiding the first.

Kami Retro shares the same level structure as Angry Birds and Cut the Rope. You have dozens of levels, many of which are easy to pass with one star. But getting three stars in each world, and the Game Center achievements that go with them, is a huge challenge.

You not only have to set up a perfectly-placed series of platforms, but you also need to execute four perfect sets of jumps. Kami Retro’s high-score screen does a great job of breaking down why you receive a particular score on a level, something we wish Angry Birds would do better. Another nice touch is that your changes to the environment will stay in place even if you restart the level.

A game for platforming fans.

Wrapping up this incredible package of challenging platforming puzzles is an out-of-control visual style. Using pixel art seemingly borrowed from the Atari 2600, the backgrounds of Kami Retro come to life, dancing to the beat. Skeleton hands in the Spooky levels and dancing treats in Candyland are just two examples of the fantastically fun background graphics.

If you can’t get enough of retro-themed remixes like Pix’n Love Rush, Kami Retro will become your new obsession. The Angry Birds level structure, Mario-meets-Lemmings gameplay, and gorgeous graphics make this platforming-puzzle hybrid an absolute Must Have.

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