Iron Sight Review

With all the recent hype about Worms coming to the iPhone, it seems as though all the games in the same genre won’t stand a chance. Well, Polarbit brings us Iron Sight to try to duke it out for the top spot in that category. Video Review after the jump!

Waiting for Worms to come out? Fans of the action/strategy turn-based shooter may want to reconsider waiting and invest in Iron Sight instead, which improves on the gameplay model with 3D graphics.

In the game’s single player campaign, you start out with about two or three robots on your team against an evenly matched CPU. You each take turns with each robot, moving around the stunning 3D landscape while positioning yourself to hit the opponent’s robots. Once you’ve positioned yourself, you can turn, adjust your shot, and fire. It’s a fun system to use. There are a variety of weapons to choose from — some even drop from the sky. There’s also a teleporter that allows your robot to move anywhere on the playing field.

The graphics are amazing — just looking at that water makes you want to go swimming. And if you get bored of the campaign, there’s an online multiplayer option, as well.

The game could use some minor work due to some sticky movement controls. You’ll be walking around, hit a bump on the landscape, and your robot would get stuck. You have to back up, turn and keep going — It’s annoying. The lack on an online community also hurts the multiplayer experience. Every time we tried getting online to challenge someone, no one was online. Eventually, we got in a few games, but it took some trying.

Overall, for the price, Iron Sight is a good game. If the online community builds, it could race its way to a perfect score.

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