iPWR SuperPack Review

We’re well aware that Slide To Play readers probably aren’t the most forgiving iPhone users when it comes to battery usage — A lot of these games are damn addicting. When it comes to extending that battery life for play on the road, iPWR offers up a useful, albeit pricey solution, with its SuperPack battery.

The SuperPack is an approximately 2-inch-by-2-inch unit that charges the iDevice when it’s plugged in to the dock connector. On an iPhone 3G, it adds approximately 40 hours of music time, 7 hours of talk time, 10 hours of video time and 10 hours of surfing the web. iPWR claims the SuperPack doubles the capacity of a standard battery. Left on its own, the SuperPack should fully recharge an iPhone in 2.5 hours. Though we tested it on a iPhone, the unit is compatible with all iDevices with a dock connector.

The company claims the environmentally friendly lithium-polymer battery will hold a charge for up to 12 months without use.

Bargain shoppers may find the $60 price tag a bit steep considering similar products retail for between $9.99 and $59.95. The design, which fits well when plugged in, raises concerns about portability, as tossing the phone in a pocket or purse may risk damaging the dock connector.

But price and bulkiness aside, the iPWR SuperPack does everything it promises. If you’re willing to shell out the $60, the additional battery capacity and its ability to charge while it’s plugged in make this a great power solution for heavy users, gamers and road warriors alike.

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