iBlast Moki Review

The toolset in most physics games we play usually come down to ropes, rods, and wheels. iBlast Moki has all of those, but also throws in balloons and, as you might guess by the game’s title, ticking time bombs that you can set to the precise millisecond you want them to detonate. With this combination, you can make your way through just about any course imaginable.

iBlast Moki requires you to move little blobs called Mokis to a portal, using by either bomb blasts, helium balloons, or wacky self-propelling contraptions. The dozens of levels grow increasingly complex, giving you new tools and strategies to pick up along the way. A few of the more interesting recurring obstacles include sets of doors you must blast open and piles of falling rocks to divert.


Fine-tuning your tools requires absolute precision and timing. We were stumped by more than a few of the levels, but it takes just a few moments to reset any level and start again from scratch. We did wish that the game gave us a hint when we were feeling frustrated. Puzzle fanatics, however, will appreciate how tough this game can be.

If the game’s premade levels are not enough of a challenge, you can also create your own and share them easily with the iBlast Moki community. Already there are over a hundred user-made levels that can easily double the amount of hours you’ll spend with this game. If you find yourself engrossed by the concept, the level editor pushes this game over the top.

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water.

Even if you’re just a casual puzzle fan, the personality in each of the Mokis is what really helps make this title special. Your Mokis will usually doze for a bit before a bomb blast sets them smoldering and airborne. The premade level designs themselves also carry a lot of charm, with all kinds of tricks and obstacles that were clearly put there to test you.

Few puzzle games are half as charming as iBlast Moki, and the level editor is a crucial addition to make this title endlessly replayable. We could find almost no fault with this cute, challenging physics toolbox. It’s also incredibly cheap, considering how much content you can find inside. Don’t hesitate to buy this game, especially if you love tough physics puzzlers like Enigmo or Magnificent Gizmos and Gadgets.

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