Gravity Runner Review

Like characters in so many other games, Gravity Runner’s speedster doesn’t have any stated reason to risk his life by running across booby-trapped platforms. Of course, that doesn’t stop him. But if you’re not interested in experiencing extreme frustration, you might not want to indulge his futile choices.

Gravity Runner’s chief gimmick is its use of anti-gravity. After tapping the screen to jump, you can tap it a second time to flip gravity on its head, causing the runner to fall to the ceiling instead of the floor. You’ll have to use this often to avoid spikes, collect coins, and complete levels.

As you progress, new gameplay mechanics are introduced, such as power-ups that boost your speed or allow you to shift gravity twice in a single jump. These help add variety to the gameplay and allow for interesting twists to the level design.

Peril above, peril below.

The big downside to Gravity Runner is that it requires you to jump and shift gravity at very precise moments. Often, if you miss your mark by a fraction of a second you’ll fail to grab a vital power-up or impale yourself on spikes. After passing the first few levels, which are relatively easy, don’t be surprised if you have to restart sections of levels several dozen times before actually beating them.

An endless mode is also included, but it too is extremely difficult. It also lacks level variation. Since the generator chains together a limited number of environment sections, you may find yourself doing the same thing over and over again.

OpenFeint leaderboards back all the game modes, and the persistent will definitely be rewarded with impressive scores to show off. However, unless you like an intense challenge or adore old school pixel-perfect platforming, it just isn’t worth the effort to become a proficient gravity shifter.

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