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Fragger recently received an update that nearly doubles the amount of content in the game. Since “a bit on the short side” was our main complaint when it was released, there’s no good reason not to buy Fragger now.

Once you beat the original 40 levels, you’ll now unlock a new set of 30 levels called “Lost City.” Fittingly, the setting is urban, and the graphics continue to look great. The levels are designed much like the originals, full of clever physics puzzles that often require trial and error to figure out where you need to throw your bombs and in what order.

Everyone loves it when developers add free content to already-excellent games. If you hesitated to buy this one before, now it’s a no-brainer.

The developer of Fragger has an interesting approach to adding new content. The latest update includes a new level pack and Retina display graphics, yet neither of those things are in the game and ready to go after you download the update.

Instead, you’ll find a button on the main menu that allows you to download the Retina display-enhanced graphics. And once you’ve beaten the three previous level packs, you can press a button to download the new one. Both of these downloads are free, but if you don’t have a fourth generation device or haven’t reached the newest levels yet, they don’t take up space on your iPhone or iPod Touch. It’s a great idea, and we hope other developers catch on.

Also included in this update is Game Center support, which we always appreciate since the achievements and leaderboards add even more replay value to a game that already has plenty.

We continue to have a blast with this game, even as the levels become more mind-bending and require even greater grenade-throwing precision. However, some of the later levels are incredibly tough, and you can’t skip ahead to later levels if you get stuck. But that’s a minor quibble. Fragger is an incredible game, and the continued developer support is much appreciated.

Like lots of games, Fragger is all about blowing stuff up. Only here, there’s no storyline or flashy cutscenes to explain why the enemies deserve their fate. Apart from the supremely satisfying explosions, there’s no climax. It’s just level after level of glorious destruction, and you know what? We like it.

The goal of Fragger is to leave no enemy alive. Your weapon of choice is the grenade. Guns? They’re for sissies. Your character can’t move, but neither can your enemies. In fact, your enemies can’t attack at all, which makes things easier. But what makes the game challenging is that each level is a puzzle, and you need to figure out where to toss your limited number of grenades in order to clear the screen.

Don’t get in the way of bridge demolition.

Like Angry Birds and Ragdoll Blaster 2, the gameplay is based entirely on physics, and the levels are cleverly designed to make you think before you throw. If you toss a grenade down this pipe, it’ll end up next to that explosive box, but shouldn’t you destroy that wall first?

Of course, like any game worth its salt, Fragger eases you in to its more complicated puzzles. The pacing of the game feels just right, so the levels you beat give you the tools to take on the challenges the next levels introduce.

Fragger has three difficulty modes you can unlock. We’re a bit disappointed to see that all of them run you through the same 40 levels, granting you fewer grenades to get the job done. It only took us about an hour to beat the game on normal difficulty, so we’d like to see more content in the future. But even so, hard and expert modes add challenge and replay value to the game, and we were certainly not disappointed by what’s on offer here.

Fragger is a seriously fun little game that strips out all the clutter to make way for delightful gameplay and, of course, lovely destruction.

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