Flappy Bird Review

Flappy bird is a one-button game that has reached such a level of popularity that we can no longer ignore it. Because there’s so little to it, it’s one of the stranger games to skyrocket to the top of the free games list. Apparently the world has a never-ending appetite for bird-based mobile games.

Your job in the game is to guide a bird through openings between pipes that look almost exactly like the pipes in Super Mario Bros. The bird moves forward automatically, and touching the screen makes the bird flap its wings once. Each opening you pass through nets you a point. If any part of the bird touches a pipe, it’s game over. Get a high score, and you get bragging rights, for what those are worth.

The game is free to play, with banner ads that appear regularly. The controls are tight, but the hit boxes are stingy, which makes for a very challenging experience. It’s not unusual to get a score in the low single digits. When you die, you restart at the beginning, perhaps with a drive in your heart to land a higher score next time.

So how much fun is this hugely popular game? Not very. It kept me interested for about five minutes, until I realized that nothing ever changes. The difficulty doesn’t ramp up. The background stays the same. There are no enemies other than pipes. There’s just not much to see here.

Hyper-challenging games can be great– just look at Hundreds and Super Hexagon– but for a game to have any kind of staying power, it needs depth. Flappy Bird is a trifle.

Since Flappy Birds is free, you have nothing to lose by trying it to see what the fuss is about. Just don’t be surprised if you don’t find anything worthwhile here. There’s nothing wrong with a game being simple, but there’s no reason to keep playing it when there are much better free games out there.

5 thoughts on “Flappy Bird Review

    • Yeah, I didn’t really realize how blurry the game was until I took some screenshots for the review. It looks out of focus.

  1. Good review. Not sure why this game has gotten the attention it has, deleted it about 8-10 min after playing it. Just seems like on of those many many free throw-away mini games on the AppStore, not really worth mentioning. But ah well, it’s the AppStore, so unpredictable.

    • So true. I was quite lazy to post a review on the appstore, but i was going to write exactly the same as you did. The game is just another endless one tap game, with zero replay value. I don’t really understand how some people seem to be hooked with the game, i only played twice, for 5-10 minutes each time.
      And one more thing, this game is really similar to Line Birds (at least the concept), and that game (also free) it’s a little more complete (you have different birds with different abilities). It doesn’t have much replay value either, but at least, more than Flappy Bird.

  2. Yeah the game is alright for a quick laugh and obviously a lot of stigma attached to it following all the rumors around why it was pulled down. I hope he comes back and makes a 2nd version as I like all the clones but if there was flash online versions of them that would be cool. Lot of new flappy bird games sites like http://letsplayflappybird.com/ have the flappy bird flash games to play though. So will probably be seeing this game around for a while yet lol

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