FIFA World Cup 2010 Review

Special events like the Olympics and the World Cup draw in a lot of different types of attention from across the world, from waves of tourism to press coverage and themed games. FIFA World Cup is one of those themed games, which unfortunately feels a bit more like it’s just cashing in than standing on its own.

One of the biggest problems that FIFA World Cup faces is that it is nearly identical to FIFA 10. There are several modes in the game: The World Cup, Penalty Shootout, and Training modes are all self-explanatory. Kick Off is a single-play game mode, while Captain Your Country puts you in the role of just one player in a team trying for the World Cup. Multiplayer has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities.

FIFA 10 has all of these modes, with the only major difference being Tournament instead of World Cup. However, FIFA 10’s Tournament mode has over twenty cups, including an international one that has country teams.

Flick your way to glory.

Considering FIFA World Cup on its own, it offers some solid football. There are a variety of modes, as well as strategic team management options, and as much extensive gameplay as you desire. The teams are all arranged by country, each with a simple star rating, making it easy to choose one on something other than national pride. FIFA World Cup also captures the spirit of the World Cup, which can definitely make a difference to football fans, especially since the game is officially licensed.

The AI does have its hiccups, and the graphics leave much to be desired, but the FIFA gameplay provides an overall smooth and extensive football experience. In the end, FIFA World Cup has the World Cup theme, but FIFA 10 outdoes it both in terms of the number of playable teams and number of playable tournaments. We suggest sticking with FIFA 10 if you want a football fix, but if you’re going World Cup-crazy, pick up this title too.

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