Updated: Egg vs. Chicken Review

An update just came out for Egg vs. Chicken, which promised improved responsiveness for the egg sliding, as well as a better tutorial. Both were improved, but the responsiveness of the eggs still needs work.

While the eggs move seamlessly in earlier levels, there is still some lag and poor responsiveness in later levels. Since the later levels are full of both eggs and chickens, the lag makes sense– but it also comes at an inopportune time.

If you’ve ever spent time around anyone with philosophical inclinations, your conversations have probably strayed to the chicken and egg quandary at some point. Well, Egg vs. Chicken turns the whole problem on its head, by personifying both eggs and chickens, and pitting them against each other.

In this game, you take command of the eggs, the underdogs and victims to the cruel whims of the chickens. But the eggs will not take this cruelty sitting down in the coop. Instead, they’ll organize in a small egg crate and allow you to mix and match them in order to hurl them at the chickens. It’s a utilitarian tactic.

The egg crate takes up almost half of your screen, with the rest devoted to chickens clucking down the field of battle. There many kinds of eggs, the variety growing as you progress in the game, and you must match at least three of them at the top of the crate in order to fling them at the encroaching chickens.

Bring it, cluckers.

The chickens are even more varied, ranging in size, difficulty, and weakness. Speaking of difficulty, there are no difficulty choices, leaving you no respite when the game gets hard– which it does quickly.

The major flaw of the game is found in the gameplay mechanic. Eggs constantly appear in the crate for you to use, and you have a very limited space to move them around. You can slide eggs around, but they will continue moving until something blocks their path, whether it be an obstacle or another egg.

Some might find this to be a fun part of the challenge, but the touch controls are not always responsive, and sliding eggs with a number of barriers in a small space is frustrating at best. Being under strict time restraints imposed by marauding chickens makes the shortcomings of the mechanic that much more apparent and annoying.

Egg vs. Chicken is a game that we really want to like. It has a great sense of humor, complete with ridiculous animation, and its sharp interface makes navigating the game a breeze. The cramped play space, which is constantly spammed by eggs with touchy controls, does diminish our enthusiasm. Still, it is a good game, especially for Match-3 addicts looking for a fresh fix.

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