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Playing Gameloft’s Dungeon Hunter 4 is like eating a cake that’s been frosted with a thin layer of mud. Even though there’s a tasty cake underneath all that wet dirt, you’re not going to be able to enjoy it while your teeth are grinding on grit. In the same vein, Dungeon Hunter 4 looks great and plays well, but it’s impossible to shake the feeling that you’re getting royally ripped off courtesy of the game’s aggressive pitches for in-app purchases.

The free-to-play game model is divisive and occasionally troublesome, but it’s not going to go away. Nor should it: It’s a great model for people with limited income, or for folks who are fine with enduring a few ads if it means hours of playtime. That said, we can all agree that there’s a time and place for the free-to-play model, and a fully fleshed-out action RPG like Dungeon Hunter 4 is not that place.

It’s a shame, because there’s a good game behind the constant prodding to buy, buy, buy. Whereas Dungeon Hunter 3 restricted its action to multiplayer arenas, Dungeon Hunter 4 makes a return to exploration and narrative. You play as one of four classes, each with its own strengths, weaknesses, and equipment. As soon as you choose your hero, you’re thrust into the midst of a demon invasion and you quickly discover that it’s your job to put a stop to all that noise.


Dungeon Hunter 4’s closest relative is Blizzard’s Diablo series. You control your character with two thumbsticks: One moves you, while the other directs your attacks. There are also multiple skills at your disposal. Each one is lined up next to the left thumbstick, which is admittedly troublesome. You need to glance down at your button setup to ensure that you’re unleashing the proper attack, which can be costly if you’re in the heat of a fight. Count on accidentally hitting your special attacks, too. Dungeon Hunter 4 can be a bit difficult to play on a small screen. Opt for the iPad version if you can.

Dungeon Hunter 4 boasts a deep battle system. You can upgrade skill trees, craft new items, upgrade old items, and pick up whatever good stuff your enemies drop. Dungeon Hunter 4 may not offer a new experience, but it’s fun enough—until you start second-guessing every event and attack.


When a game like Dungeon Hunter 4 is constantly trying to shove in-app purchases in your face—particularly when you level up after a long grind, or when you die—it’s impossible not to wonder if every misstep you make is your own fault, or the game’s. Are the demon bosses difficult to take down because your level isn’t high enough, or are you supposed to surrender and buy this “Heirloom Ring” that the game keeps pitching? Is it really fair to be booted back to the start of a mission when you (inevitably) die, or is the game just trying to strong-arm you into coughing up hard currency (gems) for a revival? Is it actually possible to make significant progress with the three free potions you’re allotted in a 24 hour period, or is the game purposefully stacking the odds against you so that you’ll hand over gems for more potions? You shouldn’t have to ask yourself these questions while playing an adventure-combat game.

Dungeon Hunter 4 isn’t unplayable by any means, but the ceaseless grabbing for in-app purchases is aggravating, and even a bit stressful. If you dive in forewarned, you may still be able to enjoy yourself. You have little to lose; it’s a free download, after all. Gameloft sacrificed much of the game’s potential to make it so.

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    • Not that easy to ignore, because you even can’t get healing potions without paying… I’m curently stuck at Warmage Academy because of that. I’ve waited since yestarday and I regenarated only one healing potion… F**C YOU Gameloft!

        • OK, thats actually good idea. I made it to last boss this way. But then we wiped :) And now I have to wait till tomorrow for another try :] BTW it was veeeeeeery laggy, I don’t know how much was because of hardware and how much because of latency though. I play on ip 4s.

          • I managed the warmage academy with around a level 7 or 8 blademaster and no iaps

            I also only used 1 potion but now on the archive level and im bored running away while waiting to regenerate or dying quickly

            But i do find it easier than real racing 3 as i found earning enough on that hard when a number of other cars are much faster than mine

    • Obviously someone who hasn’t gotten that far. As the other comment said, wait til you get to the Warmage academy and then tell me IAP is easy to ignore. That level is one giant paywall. On forums people are saying they blew an entire $1.99 gem pack on potions and still couldn’t pass it.

      Deleting now.

      • not at all..you just need to choose a blademaster or warlord? (first spec) class and you can beat it with just only 1 healing potion. i have also bet library or smth like that at first. but goblin mines are hell of a fking pain in the ass. looks like need to xp 3-4 lvls up before trying to beat it

        all you need to do, is equip your rejuvenation spirit skill, kill some enemies, run, run, run, rejuve, kill enemies, run, run, run and so on..

        i know, ist frustrating and such a terrible way to play a game, but thats all we can do

  1. Disappointing…i would’ve gladly paid 5 or 6 bucks for a more complete experience akin to Dungeon Hunter 2. Gameloft has the ability to make quality games, and after playing this game for a bit I see the potential in it, but the pay-to-win aspect of this game seems a bit over the top.

    • Yes, they do… and in bigger numbers than they do for paid games. Real Racing 3 has been a huge success for EA, with bigger sales than RR1 and RR2 combined. So don’t expect this trend to go away anytime soon. Best we can do is point out the way it disrupts the flow of gameplay and makes for a considerably less fun experience.

      • Except for the fact that RR3 is, in my opinion, a very well made freemium title as soon as one plays a few hours and obtains a few cars. Then we can play basically all the time.
        Secondly, RR3 highly depends on the player’s skills, while RPGs like DH4 depend on our equipment, which in this case we need diamonds for. This inevitably pushes us to pay in order to progress in the game at a reasonable pace.
        Thought I should share this little observation (guess a lot of you know it anyway :P). That said, I really don’t hate freemium as far as it’s done the right way :)

  2. Does anyone know how to kill the council warmage at the end of the warmage academy? I completely missed the txt and nothing I do does any damage :( help!! I’m stuck!

    • I have killed the warmage but somehow the corpse and the boss symbol just won’t disappear. I have repeated the dungeon, killed the warmage 3 times and the same thing occur. When I escaped the dungeon ( using the ” teleportation gate” available after beating the boss ) the mission is still the same. ” Face Your demons, kill the council warmages…..” I’m stuck here, help please !!

    • me too im stuck in the mission already palyed it 5 times, i saw one hint while loading it says ” having a problem in warmage academy? go to valenthia and earn experience and loot…”
      what does it mean??? what level should i be to pass the warmage academy?????

  3. Also, I haven’t made an IAP yet. It’s really quite easy. Since I accidentally clicked through the text, I have no idea how to kill the council warmage. Sad day.

    • There’s nothing fancy about it, after you get past the last gauntlet event consisting of 3 waves, the boss appears. He creates mirror images, that you should kill ASAP, does some stuns which can give you a lot of pain, and that’s all. He doesn’t take almost any damage from ordinary weapons tho, I think I had to grab a tier 9 (maybe) sword with some +elemental dmg in it. That way it worked, also when low on health you can hide behind the pillars to avoid some dmg from the missiles.

      Stupid part is that I had to grind for a couple of levels and gold to actually make it, the in-game gold items are lame more or the less, or overpriced, my potions are out permanently it seems, the inventory is rather small on later levels, the Archives boss fight is ridiculous, you barely have any HP left when the boss comes, so I’ll just go back to TL2, and hope someone will actually do a decent hack and slash on the platform.

      The game literally makes you bite the dust over and over and over again to squeeze some money out of you, and btw, did anyone check the paid (!) skill tree? Holy …. there are some crazy numbers flying like 650 gem for a skill, and like 80% of your tree is locked that way! I’m at 14 but had enough.

  4. My main problem with this game is the simple fact that I have absolutely no idea how much it’s gonna cost to get into it. If the game is designed around a “pay to win” model, what’s to prevent the developers from dramatically ramping up the difficulty later on in the experience in order to maximize profits? Next thing I know I’m dropping $20 just to get past a tricky section, think I’ll pass.

    • you dont need to pay at all..ive just finished lost city and now trying to beat wyrms nest. and i didnt buy any gem packages. just go to dungeon vestibul (or goblin tunnels if you are low lvl) and repeat it till you have enough money to buy you new gear, craft your weapon from dragolith or even ancient crystal (or buy it) and you can go through some locations and dungeons almost without harming yourself.

      so its playable without in-app purchases but takes you longer to conquer dungeons/locations

  5. For gods sake stop complaining about the IAPs already. U guys are complaining about companies charging money for games that they created, yet in the end what u want is to play games for free without paying. Gameloft is a company, not a charity. if u dun intend to pay for ur games, stop whining.

  6. I’ve gotten to a point where I simply skip any “free” games these days, because I know that it’ll be a money sink, unless they have a trial with an in-app purchase of the full title, that one I’m good with, anything else. Meh. Moving on.

  7. The game is good, but today it disappointed me… i tried to craft one armor, I have paid 18 dragoliths and it started to craft it.. but later i looked there and there was no progress going on.. and no dragoliths .. that just sucks..

  8. Im almost level 9 and im still fuking stuck on warmage academy. I upgraded every piece of armor i could afford and im still stuck. :(

  9. stuck at warmage academy after hard tryings im lvl 10 warmage upraged all he stuff i got:( this game is icnridble to play whitout doanting or paying money!

  10. This game is absolutely awesome!!

    —–> AddMe @ “immortal_eclipse” (gameloft id) <—–

    "May the odds be forever in your favor"

  11. It sucks that healing potions eat Crystals without a confirmation pop up on another location than where your heling potion is located.
    After tapping on a healing potion, not working, tap it again, not working (health is getting lower and lower), and suddenly you’re 20 Crystals poorer.
    Also, I lost a level 36 blademaster after the games crahed while in the loading screen.

  12. oh cmon.. the warmage academy is like the easiest boss to beat.. -_- just keep on playing until u surpass the level of the council warmage.. i use blademaster i’m Level 62 now..

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