Draw Something By OMGPOP Review

Asynchronous multiplayer in social games has undeniably found its groove on iOS devices. It seems like every month there is some new flavor that the community tends to gravitate towards. One month our phones are getting hammered by Words with Friends requests, the next it’s Family Feud & Friends, and so on. Draw Something By OMGPOP appears to be the latest social craze that is finding a growing audience, and we wanted to see if the hype is justified.

Draw Something is a one-on-one version of the classic game Pictionary ,where you guess what picture your opponent is drawing. We have seen two excellent takes on this type of game from the Charadium series, but those focused on live match play with groups of people. Draw Something is completely turn-based; you aren’t guessing in real-time. For folks used to playing Zynga’s ‘With Friends’ games, they will feel right at home.

Getting going is straightforward in Draw Something. The UI is very clean and spartan and, in turn, makes playing the game extremely intuitive. Your opponents can come from your Facebook friend list, username searches, email invites, or random selection. Again, the UI is simple, allowing the matchmaking to do its thing without issue.

Uh-thank you very much.

Jumping into a game provides you three choices of objects or things to draw, in ascending difficulty. When it is your turn to guess your opponent’s picture, you have a series of random characters to select from, not the full alphabet. Bombs are a tool to eliminate letters, theoretically increasing your chances for success. As you correctly guess pictures and and have your pictures solved, you earn coins, which are the game’s currency. Coins allow you purchase bombs or new color palettes to work with in the game. As expected, you can flat out purchase coins using your own dinero, par for the course in these kinds of games

Unlike the Zynga games, the point here is not in winning, but rather continued engagement by taking turns. Much like Charadium, Draw Something excels because of the great collection of items to draw. Each game you’re playing in has a cool collection of stats and analytics that allow you to view trends of color choices, word difficulty, and how long you’ve been playing. The community has already proven to be a creative one, inspiring new approaches to drawing pictures. Having seven games running concurrently means our phones and iPads are constantly going off, but there is a lot of fun to be had here.

The real draw of Draw Something comes in its brilliant simplicity. It is very tempting for a developer to throw in the kitchen sink and add all kinds of complex layers, but this game knows what it is and excels in it. The tools to draw do not have the same depth of Charadium II, but our fun is not diminished one bit. Also, the inability to chat or send messages between rounds is an odd omission. Regardless, if you are looking for a new digital opiate to indulge in, look no further.

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