Updated: Doodle Vs Brute: World Domination Review

Doodle vs. Brute has been upgraded with two changes that directly address some of our main concerns with the game. One is a change to the difficulty curve, which makes the game much more manageable. Multiple difficulty settings would have been better, but we’re happy to be able to progress without as many deaths.

The other change is a significant tweak in upgrade costs. As we wrote before, tech points came at a very slow pace for the highly priced upgrades, which seemed to push users towards buying tech points. We found this frustrating, but the developers took note and made upgrades much more accessible.

These much-needed changes increased the game’s accessibility and fun, and we can safely recommend it to any arcade fan. The game’s repetitive style still holds it back from the Must-Have rating, but Doodle vs. Brute is a solid casual game.

Anyone who has played the 1980s arcade game Rampage knows that tearing down cartoony buildings and wreaking havoc in two-dimensional towns is surprisingly fun. Doodle vs Brute: World Domination takes inspiration from this classic, but turns the focus of destruction to all of the people of the 2-D towns in a humorously over-the-top fashion.

Doodle vs Brute puts you in control of an enormous, robotic simian known only as “Brute.” Obviously, you’re fighting against the doodles. The doodles have an army of stick figures and sketched buildings in their two-dimensional towns, and they are passionate about defending themselves. Unfortunately for them, your task requires squashing that passion in an violent way.

Never anger a mechanical gorilla.

Going about your task is simple enough. There are no buttons; you touch and hold the screen to move the brute in that direction, and you tap in the direction you want brute to punch– usually at the doodles. In the spirit of Rampage, you can also punch and destroy buildings, which grievously injures any doodles in its vicinity. The point, however, is not to destroy all of the buildings, but to simply end the army of doodles as quickly as possible.

We enjoyed the variety of doodle enemies, even if their cities are largely identical. Basic troops do what you’d expect, but snipers use stealth, and multiple units enjoy camping out in the windows of buildings. They do this while their leaders, grenadiers, and little girls all run around on the street. The robotic protagonist (or antagonist, depending on your perspective) simply responds by smashing, which causes an admittedly enjoyable cartoony display of death.

Two down, four to go.

While cities become predictably harder as you progress, we found the difficulty curve to be steep, and we weren’t comforted by the lack of difficulty selection options. Upgrading the brute is essential, but upgrades are similarly steep– in price. “Tech Points” are gathered and rewarded throughout the game, but not nearly quickly enough to outfit your brute well. Of course, you can always buy more.

We found Doodle vs Brute to be an enjoyable game more suited for casual pick-up play than anything else. The repetition and punishing difficulty curve hold the game back from being great.

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