Dead Ahead Review

It’s kind of tough to get excited about another game with zombies. It’s even tougher to get excited about another endless-runner. And it’s even more difficult to get excited about another endless-runner featuring zombies. Dead Ahead, the new game from Chillingo, does very little to overcome those hurdles, but it at least has a nice art style and an amusing sense of humor.

Dead Ahead has you trying to outrun hordes of rampaging zombies, through a post-apocalyptic cityscape while driving a moped. You have a gun with limited ammo that you can use to shoot your undead pursuers and you can also run over them with with your bike or lure them into obstacles as they follow you. It also has an adorable girl zombie offering free hugs.


As you play, you gain gold that you can use to buy new bikes, weapons, or upgrades. Since this is a free-to-play game, the gold flows very slowly, so it requires quite a bit of grinding to get what you want if you don’t want to spend real money. If you want to get any of the really cool swag then spending cash may be the way you’ll want to go. Bikes, weapons, and even upgrades are all really expensive and time-consuming to earn.

If it sounds like we were a little bored with Dead Ahead, then you’re dead on. There’s very little here that you haven’t seen a hundred times before. The different kinds of zombies are fairly amusing, and the art style has a very cool retro arcade look to it, but other than that there’s not a whole heck of a lot to it.

Dead Ahead is a free game, so you’re not really losing anything by giving it a try. It’s kind of funny, and it can be a little fun when you manage to get a really high kill combo going. Other than that, it’s a pretty typical endless runner that doesn’t leave much of a lasting impression.

8 thoughts on “Dead Ahead Review

  1. Wow, now I dont trust this site anymore!!!! I get 500 coins mínimum per run, this game is amazing!! Good bye :/

    • Maybe been a bit harsh with the whole goodbye thing, but you didnt get that whole idea of the game, some tips I found:

      For those unaware and that think this game is grindy, a couple of things:

      I only played for an hour and a half and I bought all the weapons that I can buy with my rank (level 12), the quad vehicle and the all terrain bike upgraded twice. In that time I collected more than 130,000 coins, enough to buy most of the items in the shop so far (only the chopper and the one before it remains un bought).

      Also, those prices for the things you cant buy with your rank decreases a lot each time you rank up, until they are all achievable, for example the combat shotgun was 500,000 when I first saw it and now its 300,000 and decreasing with each rank I gain. Hope it makes sense.

      Each map after the first one acts like a coin doubler, tripler and so on until the last one.

      So no grind at all for me. The game is perfectly balanced so you dont need IAP at all Enjoy

      • And if you want more freemium games lile this, support it, buy remove the ads for example. This IS freemium done right… Expecting the score to go up now? Give it a second chance

  2. It’s only difficult when you got lvl9, but before it – really a nice runner. A lot of fictional blood, money, different bikes. When I upgraded super dirt bike, I didn’t really need any other. Maybe it’s not smth special, but at least good.

  3. As much as I love the art style and the overall polish, I have to agree with Slide 2 Play. I got bored with it pretty fast. The runner genre is getting stale and the fact that they really push you towards their IAP is not appreciated either.

  4. it really isn’t that grindy… each new stage multiplies your coin yield, so by the time i was at level 4 i was routinely walking out of each mission with 4-5k by the time I died. it’s a nice diversion that doesn’t require you to pay money to advance, so it’s pretty great for a FTP endless runner.

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