Cut the Rope HD iPad Review

Sometimes great things come in simple packages. In Cut the Rope HD, a cute little critter called Om Nom arrives in a box on your doorstep. Little do you know that feeding him will soon take over your life. His treat of choice is candy, and you must move a piece of candy to his mouth in each of the 100 puzzles included in the game.

The candy is always suspended by at least one rope, which you can sever with the swipe of a finger. You’ll also use many other ingenious mechanisms to get the candy into Om Nom’s mouth. You’ll crank cranks, pop bubbles, slide pegs, and generally have a ball with a number of clever devices that you’re slowly introduced to as you progress. Everything is easy to use, and you’ll always look forward to finding out what they’ll come up with next.

Shock the candy.

But even after you’ve beaten all of the levels, there’s still reason to keep playing. A secondary goal is to collect all three stars that are located in each level. Just like in Angry Birds HD, you’ll find a ton of replay value if you want to snag all 300 stars in the game. Some of them are very tricky and require precise timing, but all of them can be caught.

The only issue we have with Cut the Rope HD is that sometimes we’d accidentally end up popping a bubble when we meant to cut a rope and vice versa. But because you don’t have a limited number of lives, this never results in too much frustration. It’s just an occasional annoyance in an otherwise near-perfect game.

Cut the Rope HD doesn’t offer any content beyond what’s found in the iPhone version, so there’s no need to own both. The extra screen space afforded by the iPad is nice, but it’s not necessary. The important thing is that you play this game on whatever device you can. Physics-based puzzlers don’t get much better.

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