Cut the Rope: Experiments Review

Let’s get this out of the way: Cut the Rope: Experiments isn’t all that different from the original Cut the Rope. Anyone who’s downloaded an update to the original game will be familiar with getting new level-packs (or ‘boxes’) that introduce a fun, new gameplay mechanic. Experiments comes with three boxes, two of which contain gameplay mechanics we’ve never seen before. So if you want more Cut the Rope, you’ve come to the right place.

In this game, the candy-loving Om Nom is delivered to a professor. Aside from a few comments from him as you play, however, he doesn’t play any meaningful role in the game. Once again, the goal of each level is to deliver a piece of candy into Om Nom’s eagerly waiting mouth. The first box of 25 levels is like a refresher course for people who haven’t played the original game. The levels are new, but you’ll find familiar elements like bubbles, whoopie cushions, moving stars, crawling spiders, and all the things you’ve already learned how to deal with if you’ve played the original.

Add some suction to your life.

The second box introduces a new element: buttons that you can press to shoot ropes that attach to the piece of candy. These are often used in timing-based situations, so you’ll have to press the rope-shooting button at just the right time as the piece of candy falls nearby. The third box introduces ropes hanging from suction cups that you can unattach by tapping them, which makes them fall. As the suction cups fall or swing, you can reattach them by touching anywhere on the screen.

Even if you’ve played all the levels they’ve released for Cut the Rope, you’ll find plenty of fun here. In the first box it’s particularly easy to grab all the stars, but many of the levels in the other two boxes will throw even seasoned players for a loop.

Yes, Experiments could easily have been released as an update to the original game. But with all the high-quality content updates ZeptoLab has given us, no one could possibly complain they’ve gotten a bad value for their one-dollar purchase. That’s why we’re fine with spending another buck for 75 more levels. And you can rest assured that more will be coming soon. Fans may know what they’re getting with Cut the Rope: Experiments, but they probably won’t mind one bit.

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