Updated: Compression HD iPad Review

The latest update to Compression HD brings over the Blocked mode from the iPhone version. We previously loved it and that remains our stance here. For a full overview of the new mode, check out our review of Compression for iPhone. As before, it runs for $0.99, but considering Little White Bear Studios was generous enough to make the app a free download we were more than happy to cough up the dough yet again here.

With iPad game prices getting higher, Little White Bear Studios (makers of TanZen HD) have gone the route of free, with no strings attached. Still not convinced you should just go ahead and download this twist on Tetris? By all means, read on.

In our review of the iPhone version, we laid out what makes Compression unique from other similar games. After every three blocks dropped, one of the three walls moves in. You must clear all of the hollow blocks before stacking over the top of the screen in order to advance. The rest should come naturally.

If this was Tetris, you’d be done for.

For free, you get the ‘classic’ mode described above. The iPad version doesn’t yet include Blocked mode, which was our favorite from the iPhone version, but the developers have said they will be looking into bringing it over via an in-app purchase if the game proves to be successful. The only ads currently in the game are for Little White Bear Studios’ other offerings, and they show up once your winning streak ends.

As expected, Compression HD includes higher-resolution graphics and keeps that same ‘one more try’ factor found in the iPhone version. We recommend the game not only due to the irresistible price, but also the entertainment value you get for it. iPad owners should expect to play this for some time to come.

Editor’s Note: This review only covers the content exclusive to the iPad version of this game. For the full game review, click here.

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