Coin Drop! Review

We’ve seen so many clones of Popcap’s runaway hits Plants Vs Zombies and Bejeweled 2 that our eyes can barely register them anymore. They just keep whizzing by as we go about our business. But it’s surprising that Peggle, Popcap’s other major (and majorly addictive) game, hasn’t gotten the same kind of copycat love. Peggle lovers, the wait is over, because Coin Drop is here to brighten your day.

Like Peggle, in Coin Drop you ricochet objects through well-designed virtual playgrounds, trying, among other things, to hit all the pegs onscreen. Only, in this game, you’re dropping coins and you can drop them from anywhere along the top of the screen. To proceed in the game, you have to clear each level of four ‘bad pennies,’ or grumpy-faced blue coins that are usually placed in tough-to-reach locations.

Take down the blue coin thugs.

You get extra points for clearing out all the bad pennies and for bouncing off of all the pegs in any given level. You also get bonuses in for saving pink coins, which are usually trapped in breakable cages, and for sending coins down shoots at the bottom of the screen in a particular order. The sum of the points you rack up determines how many of the three possible stars you’re awarded upon completing each level. So the basic gameplay is very similar to Peggle’s, but enough new ideas are included that it doesn’t feel like a carbon copy.

Currently, Coin Drop comes with four level packs, with 15 levels in each one (more are coming soon, apparently). Like in Cut the Rope, each level pack has a theme that brings unique gameplay elements. Some levels have portals that teleport your coins, others have breakable bricks, or lasers, or magnets that attract or repel your coins. The variety and creativity of the level design is a major plus.

Penny for your thoughts.

But what stands out most is the highly polished presentation. It has lively, colorful graphics that look terrific on any iDevice you own (it’s a universal app), and music and sound effects that sound inspired by the Mario series. When you combine a game that looks this good with gameplay this addictive, you’ve got yourself a winner.

So yes, Coin Drop is a lot like Peggle. But it’s not a total rip-off, and the game manages to be a ton of fun in its own right. The amount of excitement, creativity, polish, and joy they’ve packed into this game is nothing if not impressive. Don’t hesitate to pick this one up.

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