Cheap Shot: Zombies vs. Sheep

What could hordes of puppet zombies have against sheep, anyway? Everyone knows zombies hunger for human flesh only, not mutton. Even though the concept seems designed solely to appeal to that elusive zombie/sheep-loving target demographic, this arcade-like shooting gallery is a lot of fun for just a buck.

Over the course of several waves, you’ll tap to blast away at puppet zombies, bats, fire-dropping phoenixes, and at least one seriously pissed-off sun. By tilting the device, you move a sheep at the bottom of the screen (who is not the one shooting, sadly) to avoid flaming debris and collect coins. These coins can then be cashed in for upgrades to your health, ammo, and movement speed.

Ay yi yi!

With OpenFeint, you can upload your high scores to a global leaderboard, but what this game really needs is a level select option. Playing the same few levels at the start becomes predictable, and we would have liked the chance to skip ahead and see more of the game’s later variety.

Zombies vs. Sheep has an unsettling aesthetic, which Steve described in his preview as an “archaic penny arcade machine in an abandoned Oaxacan carnival.” Even without a level select menu, this strange and addictive shooter is well worth 99 pennies.

Editor’s Note: Cheap Shot is a new review feature where we pick a game that costs $.99 or $1.99 and give it the quick review treatment. While you won’t find a 1-4 score or our usual pros and cons, you will get a direct assessment of the game based on a one-hour playthrough. You’ll still find our full-length, regular reviews for other games.

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