Cheap Shot: Swingaling

Scientists have recently discovered a new type of animal in the rainforest: the Swingaling, a cat-like creature with an arm that can stretch to thirty times its body length. Unfortunately, the Swingaling is already an endangered species, because it is so inept that it can’t survive a simple trek through the jungle canopy or avoid numerous predators.

We don’t mourn the loss of the Swingaling, either. As the star of this discount-priced game, the Swingaling isn’t particularly adorable or fascinating. It’s just a weak excuse to swing through the jungle and post your high scores using OpenFeint.

For a dollar, you can save the endangered Swingaling habitat.

The wonky swinging physics will send your Swingaling soaring high into the air, making it nearly impossible to grab back on when it crashes down. We also didn’t like the way you had to hold your finger in position to swing, almost entirely obscuring the screen. Even simple tasks, like remembering your name for high score entry, are too much for this game.

Swingaling is a poor game, especially considering much stronger, swingy competition like Mr. AahH or Hook Champ. Don’t bother to save the endangered Swingaling.

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