Cheap Shot: Popple

In Popple, a random rainbow of colored bubbles pours from the top of the screen, like you’ve upended a huge box of Skittles. The goal is to seek out and pop a specific sequence of colors, quickly and repeatedly, before the curtain literally drops on your game. Oh, and the pattern is constantly shifting, too.

It’s curtains for you, Bugsy!

It’s a tough game that requires eagle-eyed concentration. There’s nothing relaxing about it, and we’re not sure we’d really call it fun, either. Dizzying is a better description.

Getting through hard mode, where the patterns go all the way up to five colors, feels like a major triumph of coordination– running a six-minute mile while rubbing your stomach, patting your head, and reciting the alphabet backwards. In Arabic.

So, Popple costs $1.99 for three fairly quick difficulty modes, an endless mode, and no online high scoring. It’s an interesting concept, but that seems pricey to us, given the number of bubble-poppers floating around the App Store these days.

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