Cheap Shot: Blockoban

Trying to complete a difficult level of Blockoban can be about as pleasing to the cranium as getting bashed by a bag of bricks. That’s not to say the game is unfair, it just requires brainpower, and ours feel like mush from playing too many zombie games. Luckily, this puzzler is paced just right, easing you in with 100 free levels that will likely get you hooked.

The goal is to slide colored blocks onto like-colored spaces. The problem is that the blocks will keep sliding in the direction you fling them until they hit an obstacle. Much like a first date, the key to success is making your moves in the right order.

Sure, you can go for instant success and fling the blue block onto the blue space. But now try sliding that yellow block into position, and alas, there’s no blue block around to keep it from hurtling off the level and into space.

The symmetry makes it looks pleasant, but it’ll still hurt your brain.

Fortunately, the first 100 free levels come packed with a hint feature that will show you how to beat them if you get stumped. Our mushy brain occasionally had trouble completing a level even after multiple views of the hint.

If you feel like you can handle the challenge, there’s a content pack that adds 820 levels, a random map generator, and time attack modes for $1.99. Not too shabby, considering the quality of the puzzles. Even the music is excellent. Just don’t blame us if you get stuck, because you have to pay an extra $1.99 to get hints for the Medium, Hard, and Big Maps modes.

Also, for those lovers of social gaming networks, Blockoban supports Plus+, and that’s never a minus in our book.

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