Chaos Rings for iPad Review

Chaos Rings for iPad is the same deep, beautiful role-playing game that we loved on the iPhone, but with two main differences. The first is that the game now sports incredible high-resolution visuals, and the other is the game’s gigantic price tag.

Square Enix’s Apple masterpiece (Applepiece?) is about five couples who are abducted by aliens and placed in an arena to fight to the death. As they train, the couples all get to know each other better, exposing an emotional backstory for each of them that is snipped short by the “Tri-sickle” Grim Reaper that takes them away when it’s their time to die.

In the iPad version, the graphics are writ large, with extremely high-resolution character models for all the heroes and enemies. A few of the backgrounds are notably pixelated, though, and while things run smoothly most of the time, there are incidents of slowdown during big boss battles or showy spell-casting.

This special move is called “shin splints.”

But we can’t emphasize how much the iPad’s screen shows off Square’s unique art style. You can see detailed expressions on the characters’ faces, and every mutant creature from dinky mice to giant apes looks terribly menacing.

The sticking point is the high price. Debuting at $16, you could just as soon buy, well, 16 smaller games instead of one Chaos Rings for iPad. But you’d be missing out on the beautiful graphics, music, storyline, and gameplay that Square Enix is renowned for on home consoles.

You can read more details about the exquisite gameplay of Chaos Rings in our iPhone review, and it’s identical in the iPad version. You’re paying a premium price, but there is little doubt that Chaos Rings for iPad is a premium game.

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