Updated: Bunny the Zombie Slayer Review

Even though Easter is over, the holiday-themed Bunny the Zombie Slayer received a major update today. The game now offers Game Center leaderboards, two extra modes, and Retina display support.

The two new modes are 28 Days Later, which zips you right to the hardest waves of zombies, and a Time Attack mode, where you have two minutes to kill as many zombies as possible. While neither of these modes are particularly original, they’re welcome additions to the classic mode.

The biggest addition for us are the Game Center leaderboards. Having been forced to compare our scores via podcast, we’re glad that our egg-flinging skills can now be shared with the world. Unfortunately, this update won’t upload your score from version 1.0.

Bunny the Zombie Slayer is one of those few holiday-themed iOS games that’s worth buying and playing even when you’re not in a holiday mood. The excellent graphics and unique gameplay make this one of the best high-score games on the App Store, so it’s definitely worth picking up if you haven’t yet. With all these new features, we’re bumping Bunny up to a 4.

The Easter Bunny’s had a difficult morning delivering candy to sleepy-eyed children, but he has another important job that hardly ever gets any press. You see, Bunny’s also a Zombie Slayer, and that means he has to lob egg grenades to keep hordes of the undead away from innocent kids.

This holiday-themed action game offers some incredible graphics and animation, bringing to mind the best zombie-themed iOS game yet, Plants vs. Zombies. Everything has a sharp, cartoon style, from the children at play in the yard to the creepy but not-too-gory zombies.

Fire in the hole!

To play, you simply press anywhere on the screen to lob an egg into the air. Wherever you press will be the height of the egg’s mid-air arc, so you have to guess the rest of the trajectory in order to actually hit anything. Headshots are an instant kill, and if you get three in a row, you’ll earn a screen-clearing rocket egg.

In addition to the charming graphics and challenging gameplay, Bunny the Zombie Slayer has a few other tricks. When a zombie starts getting too close to your base, time will slow down and the camera will zoom in on the danger. This gives you a few frantic seconds to fill the screen with eggs, trying to take out the threat. If you can’t, Easter’s ruined, and the game is over. We should note that the zombies don’t actually eat the kids, just take their colored eggs and candy, so Bunny the Zombie Slayer is still a fun game to share with your kids and isn’t too disturbing.

What smells worse: Zombies or hard-boiling eggs?

The reason Bunny the Zombie Slayer isn’t the perfect holiday game (unlike, say, Angry Birds Seasons) is that the game lacks online high scores and any sort of bonus modes. Plus, while each egg you launch has its own special look, they all behave the same. A few additional special eggs would spice up the gameplay.

Bunny the Zombie Slayer is a good physics-based action game, but we’d still like to see some extra features before we can give it our highest recommendation. If you’re looking for a fun way to celebrate Easter, the graphics, animation, and gameplay alone are still enough to warrant a purchase.

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