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Foursaken Media has impressed us again with its first major update for Bug Heroes, which takes it to version 1.1 and incorporates new content and features as requested by users.

Previously, our only true gripe was in regards to its lack of Game Center integration, but we’re pleased to announce that 1.1 has addressed this. You can now see how you match up against your peers by accessing leaderboards. Our only gripe is that creating a new player profile as you’re instructed to do can lock what you had previously unlocked. While this is annoying, the benefits of the update outweigh this inconvenience.

For iPad players, we’re pleased to say that this game is now optimized with resized graphics that take up your entire screen without having to be scaled up, creating a stunning visual experience. For all players, the developer has added new abilities, equipment and turrets, as well as a Pond level that introduces you to five vicious new enemies.

In addition to these new features, the update contains numerous bug fixes that allow an improved user experience. Now, what’s your excuse if you’re not yet playing Bug Heroes?

Just when we thought this game couldn’t get any better, Foursaken Media is back with a vengeance with Bug Heroes version 2.0. This is not your typical update, since it boasts massive additions that have been months in the making. What’s even more impressive is that Bug Heroes is free for a limited time only, so be sure to head on over to the App Store and get your copy (if you haven’t yet) at the unbeatable price of $0.00 while it lasts.

So what does this new update entail? Well, with it comes 6 new heroes (a Ladybug fencer, Fly Bandit, Grasshopper Monk, and more, but we won’t spoil all the fun), 4 new levels (including a restaurant, an attic, and more), over 20 gruesome enemies, 3 new turrets, as well as reset leaderboards, bug fixes, and other optimizations that will enhance your gameplay.

Each of the heroes comes with its unique playing style, personality, and weaponry. These heroes come in pairs and can be purchased in Hero packs that cost $0.99 each. Players have the ability to choose any three heroes that they own to take into battle via a custom battle party.

If money is an issue and you’re thrilled to finally experience Bug Heroes, there’s no need to fret. The new update comes with more free content, such as four new enemies, a Coliseum Picnic level, and new equipment for the original heroes. With the new enhancements, balance fixes, increased character speeds, and “Easy” mode for the casual player, there’s never been a better time to enjoy Bug Heroes!

Having said that, we’d like to leave you with one piece of advice: Be sure to complete all of your games before updating, since save game data gets erased after the update. This is done to prevent players from posting games to the leaderboards. With that word of caution, go ahead and check it out!

Foursaken Media, creator of N.Y. Zombies, has recently struck again with a twin-stick shooter that combines elements of other genres of games as well (such as RPG, castle defense, and action-adventure) to wildly enhance the gameplay.

However, instead of dodging and destroying zombies, you play as a small bug– either an ant, spider, or beetle, all of which have different strengths and weaknesses. Your goal is to defend your stash of food and destroy the attacking hordes of leeches, fleas, and other creepy crawlers that appear unexpectedly.

Hands off my cans!

This is insect warfare at its finest, demanding your sharp-shooting skills so that you can destroy bugs early on to gain cash and acquire better weaponry. There are more than 30 abilities and items, and deciding which to obtain strategically may be your best line of defense against attack. Even for those who are less inclined to play shooters, Bug Heroes is innovative and strategic enough to garner your attention.

We enjoyed the 3D imagery and comic book-like feel of Bug Heroes, as well as the music and sound effects that create an upbeat and fast-paced experience. The transformations from night to day capture the game’s visual strengths and also incorporate a slight variation in gameplay, affecting the availability of turrets, enemies, and abilities. You can switch between heroes at any point, and level them up to become fiercely more competitive.

Make like Tony Montana and protect your stash.

Although it’s not currently integrated with the Game Center, the game’s ‘Coliseum’ tracks high scores and sorts them by easy, normal and hard modes. This is an acceptable way to motivate players, but we hope to see Game Center integration in the near future as well. There’s a lot of replay value here, since you can play this game not only to nab achievements and unlock different levels, but also to improve your score and attempt to rank among the champions.

There’s a lot more we enjoyed about Bug Heroes, too. For any insect warrior, the ‘Insectopedia’ is a powerful resource that provides insight into different insect types and their mannerisms, modes of attack, and more.

The multiple components of Bug Heroes make it a game that can appeal to a wide spectrum of people, and its quality makes it stand out among numerous action games. Even if shooters aren’t your thing, Bug Heroes just may amuse you more than you would expect.

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