Boostball Review

Boostball is a simple game. A little too simple, really. On the App Store we’re used to seeing bite-sized games made for handheld devices, but Boostball is small even in this environment. It’s the type of game that you wouldn’t think twice about if it were included as a minigame in a different, bigger, game.

In Boostball, you control a soccer ball as it rolls down a corridor-like playing field. The goal is to make your ball roll over the arrows and avoid the enemies for as long as possible. Every now and then you’ll get a fire power-up that lets you plow through enemies for a period of time. And that’s about it.

Flame on!

Aside from enemies becoming more frequent and your ball rolling faster, not much changes as you play the game. Some games, like Canabalt and Ninjatown: Trees of Doom, have used a similar minimalistic style to create fun, memorable experiences. Unfortunately, Boostball doesn’t have the polish to pull off the same effect.

Unlike the developer’s last game, Plushed, the artwork here is rough around the edges. We also ran into a couple of bugs that made the game freeze up or stop responding while we played. On the plus side, Boostball has some easy OpenFeint points, and the controls are tight enough that we always felt totally in control of the ball.

While the idea of a ball-rolling high score game is solid, Boostball is undercooked. Maybe with a few more power-ups or other gameplay dynamics, it could feel like a full game. As is, we suspect that most players will try it out for a few minutes, get their fill, and never boot it up again.

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