Updated: Blueprint 3D Review

Blueprint 3D received a big update today that adds iCloud saves, a new level pack, and the ability to create your own levels using any image in your photo library. This is a lot of new free stuff, making an already fun game an even easier sell to new buyers.

The new level pack is Halloween themed, with ghosts, ghouls, and trick-or-treaters filling up the 27 new puzzles. It’s great to have new levels, of course, and these do the trick. The addition of iCloud saves is always a bonus to any game because it means you can delete the title from your device, and your save will remain intact if you download it again (for instance when a big new update hits). It also lets you share your save between the iPhone and iPad versions of the game, but since the app isn’t universal you’d have to buy it twice to take advantage of that feature.

Blueprint cat.

But the biggest new selling points is that you can now create your own levels by taking a picture from within the app, or by perusing your photo library. We tried making new levels with a number of photos and found it to work just as advertised. The levels you create probably won’t have the blueprint-like clarity of the pre-made levels, but they’re just as fun to play.

Once you create a level it has you play through it, then you can assign a theme, like electronics or animals. You can also make the lines of your picture thicker or thinner, and erase anything from the picture you don’t want in there. Then you can upload the level to share with friends over email, Facebook, or Twitter. It would be nice if you could share your level creations with everyone who has the game rather than just friends, but we understand that policing such a pool of levels for unsavory images would be a full-time job.

Overall, this is a big update that improves Blueprint 3D quite a bit. But the game is still a one-trick pony, and it’s a little on the easy side. Regardless, we definitely recommend Blueprint 3D to any and all casual puzzle fans.

When you first start a puzzle in Blueprint 3D, a confusing mess of lines and shades clutters up the screen. But there’s a method to the madness. You can rotate the scribbled cluster by swiping your finger across it, and if you turn it just so, the lines arrange themselves into a recognizable thing, like the Eiffel Tower or a war axe from the Crusades.

Use brain power.

You see, each puzzle is actually a blueprint that’s been exploded it in such a way so that it only looks like the original image when it’s viewed from a particular angle. Without seeing the game in action it’s a little tough to wrap your head around, so watch the trailer below for a better idea of what we’re talking about. It’s a clever gimmick– one that’s been used in other games, like Touch Magic and Pictorial– but really that’s all it is. Once you find the proper angle to view the puzzle from, you’ve solved it and can move on. The question is: is that enough to hang an entire game on?

In a word, yes. Since the iPhone version only costs a buck, and the game comes with 240 puzzles, you get plenty of content for very little cost, even if the gameplay is a little shallow. It doesn’t hurt that the game looks great and is playable in very short spurts, perfect for when you’re looking to be entertained for a brief period of time.

Hi, Super Nintendo Chalmers.

But even with such a simple premise, the game isn’t perfect. You’re scored based on the time it takes you to solve each puzzle, but the way it wants you to rotate the image isn’t always obvious. For instance, if the image you’re trying to solve is a pencil, you’ll be required to point the tip of the pencil a particular way before the game knows you’ve “solved” the puzzle. It tells you how to rotate it once the mess of lines starts to look like a pencil, but rotating it takes time, meaning you’ll be docked points.

Regardless of any small flaws, Blueprint 3D is a fun game that looks great, and will appeal to just about anyone with an iOS device. Pick it up for your mom or your little brother, or to fill in the time between your marathon gaming sessions with a deeper game.

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