Blokus HD iPad Review

Gameloft’s iPad lineup has been a little underwhelming, generally offering up rehashes of their iPhone games with slightly better graphics and moveable controls but no new content otherwise. However, Blokus HD is in fact a much better game when played on the larger screen and well worth picking up if you haven’t bought the iPhone version yet.

In short, the rules of Blokus are that you must place your tiles down on the board so that each is touching the corner of another. For more on this, check out our review of the original iPhone version, or the in-game video tutorial, which does a swell job of summing things up.

This is not Tetris, we promise.

Like most board games on the iPad, it feels similar to the real thing. Blokus HD adds a new hotseat game mode where you can pass the device around in an experience tailored to this style of play. You can play with up to four other people, choose from the four different game modes, and set a timer.

The only real downside to Blokus HD is that the control scheme feels tacked on. It has the same rotation wheel and block-flipping mechanic as the iPhone version, but we think this version could have benefited from controls tailored to the experience of playing on a larger screen.

Blokus HD is an easy recommendation for iPad owners. With challenges, quick play, online multiplayer, and the new hotseat mode, this is one of the most well-rounded board game options available on the App Store.

Editor’s Note: This review only covers the content exclusive to the iPad version of this game. For the full game review, click here.

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