Battlefield 3: Aftershock Review

EA messed up big time by releasing Battlefield 3: Aftershock in its current state. There’s no possible reason that this laggy, unplayable piece of software should have been let loose on the App Store. It’s a frustrating mess that will bring you nothing but headaches and gamer rage.

The only things this game has going for it are the graphics and controls. It looks decent and one of the three control options will probably suit you just fine. Aside from that, it’s a cluster bomb of failure. There’s only one map, it takes forever to load, and every single match we’ve joined has been so laggy and awful that there’s not even a speck of fun to be had.

Battlefield 3: Aftershock is a multiplayer first-person shooter, so the goal is to run around and kill enemies while avoiding being killed yourself. This is an ad-supported free download, and it only contains a single map and a single mode (deathmatch). We’re not sure why they decided to release a Battlefield game so light on content, but since it’s free we can’t complain about it too much.

Itchy trigger finger.

What we can complain about is that you’ll have to stare at the loading screen for up to several minutes before your match actually begins. Once you get into a match, you can move fairly smoothly through the environment, but the lag is so enormous that most of the other players don’t appear to move at all. They’re frozen in place like statues, making the game absolutely pointless to play. The players who do move generally seem to teleport from point to point before disappearing entirely.

You can pump every bullet you have into an enemy’s head, and toss your grenades right at their feet, but nothing ever happens. You might see some blood, but they don’t stumble back, and they certainly don’t die. It’s an embarrassing technological failure, and it drags the Battlefield name through the mud, right along with the products the game advertises.

It’s amazing to us that EA hasn’t pulled this game from the App Store and apologized to everyone who downloaded it. Battlefield 3: Aftershock is an unplayable mess that should be avoided at all costs until they get it working properly. If they implement any fixes, we’ll be sure to update our review. Until then, get your multiplayer fix from a game that works, like Modern Combat 3.

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