Arcade Bowling Review

SkyWorks Interactive is carving out a niche for itself by putting out high-quality iPhone replicas of classic games of skill. After the excellent Arcade Hoops Basketball comes Arcade Bowling, which should probably be called “Arcade Skeeball,” since that’s what you’re actually playing. You roll the ball up the ramp with an easy swipe motion, apply a little “english” by tilting the iPhone just so, and hope that it drops into a high-scoring hole. Sometimes a particular hole will start flashing, which means you’ll get a huge score multiplier if you manage to sink it.

Arcade Bowling features both a Classic Mode, where you’re done after nine balls, and a Progressive Mode where you can continue by hitting ever-higher score targets. This game is good fun, and it stays fresh for a surprisingly long time, when you consider how simple skeeball really is. We award it a 3.

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