Republique: Episode 2 Launches This Week, Available Now for Early Backers

Hope springs eternal! Ever since Republique: Episode 1 launched back in December, we’ve hoped that the next installment would continue the series’ exceptional storytelling and reveal a bit more about the main character Hope’s escape from an oppressive regime. If you were a Kickstarter backer or purchased the season pass, you can download Republique: Episode 2 right now.


If you prefer your episodic adventure games a la carte, Republique: Episode 2 will cost $4.99 and be available on May 1. It contains a huge new environment, the library, and an important new character named Luis Octavo. According to the developers, Episode 2 also contains three environmental puzzles, a new armored guard with randomized patrol routes, and a 3D map which will be added back to the Episode 1 as well.

We thought that Republique: Episode 1 was a groundbreaking combination of stealth gameplay, emotional storytelling, and unique characters when we reviewed it late last year. It even won recognition from the IMGA for Best Storytelling. Hopefully, Episode 2 will continue the trend, placing Republique in the same league as the best episodic adventure games like Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us.

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