Report: Most Mobile Games are Discovered via Word-of-Mouth

You’ve probably noticed that televisions don’t often run ads for mobile games. So how do mobile games wind up clawing their way from the bottom to dominate the top of the charts? According to research data from EEDAR that was shared exclusively with Gamasutra, word-of-mouth is a big help in bringing a mobile game out of obscurity and into the light.

‘Word of mouth,’ which makes up 35% of mobile games’ discoverability, includes recommendations from whales (men and women that spend more than $25 on mobile in-app purchases) and social networks like Facebook. Meanwhile, advertising techniques that work well for console and PC games– including advertising and featured spots by the mainstream media– don’t seem to do the job effectively as a good ol’ fashioned recommendation.

Said recommendation doesn’t necessarily have to come from a friend or family member, either. EEDAR’s data indicates that 25% of game discoveries can be attributed to the ‘Featured App’ pages hosted by mobile markets.

What’s your primary method of discovering mobile games? Aside from Slide to Play, cough cough.

[via Gamasutra]

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