Report: Candy Crush Saga Maker Has Filed for IPO

Regardless of what you might think of its freemium model, there’s no denying that developer King has a major hit on its hands with Candy Crush Saga. According to The Telegraph, the British developer has filed paperwork for its initial public offering in the U.S. Apparently, the company will be valued at $5 billion.


According to The Telegraph:

King, which used to be referred to as Britain’s answer to Zynga before the latter company’s fall from grace, has lodged its pre-IPO “S-1” paperwork with the Securities and Exchange Commission, taking advantage of the same loophole for rapidly-growing businesses that allowed Twitter to keep its IPO confidential.

Candy Crush Saga’s freemium model has been criticized by many as being predatory, but it’s definitely successful. According to EOnline, the game rakes in nearly a million dollars a day. Essentially, the Bejeweled-like puzzles become more and more challenging until it’s almost impossible to beat them without spending real money on power-ups to progress.

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