Replay Value: Sunday, March 7

    Things finally cooled down a bit this week, after the insane number of positive reviews from last week. This week was a little different. Instead of an avalanche, we got just a few really big, interesting news announcements. And while there were plenty of good games reviewed this week, we got only one major bombshell.

    Be sure to check out our review of the long-awaited Ragdoll Blaster 2 below, and don’t miss the major announcements about misconduct in Apple factories, Splinter Cell coming to the iPhone and, of course, the release of Slide to Play’s GameFinder app!


    Ragdoll Blaster Review

    Battle of Puppets Review

    Tilt to Live Review

    Astro Ranch Review

    Gianna Sisters Review

    Dizzypad Cheap Shot

    California Gold Rush 2 Review

    Catacombs Review


    STP Introduces GameFinder iPhone App

    Apple Announces Official iPad Release Date

    Teaser Site Reveals Splinter Cell is iPhone Bound

    Nintendo Remains Dismissive of iPhone Threat

    EA Releases New Skate It and Sims 3 World Adventures Screens

    Universomo No More, THQ Closes Finnish Developer

    Apple Reveals Sweatshop-Like Factory Conditions

    Pachter: Apple Stumbles into Serious Gaming

    Previews and Features

    How to Train Your Dragon Hands-On Preview and Video

    Friday Slide: Is Street Fighter IV on iPhone a Bad Idea?

    Ten to Watch: Wednesday, March 3

    STP Podcast #37: Fully Air Conditioned

    Game of the Month, February 2010: Plants vs. Zombies


    Final Fantasy I Video Review

    Slide to Play Introduces GameFinder App

    How to Train Your Dragon Hands-On Preview

    California Gold Rush 2 Hands-On Gameplay

    Rayman 2: The Great Escape Hands-On Gameplay

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