Replay Value: Saturday, January 30


      Well, we don’t need to tell you what the big news in the Apple world was this week. Whatever your feelings on the iPad, whether it’s disappointment or excitement, we’ve had some great coverage of the device since its announcement, including awesome hands-on gameplay videos of the iPad in action on the show floor.

      There were some great iPhone games released this week too, so be sure to check out our reviews of Cogs, Charadium, and Guerilla Bob. Also, we reviewed Project 72, an iPhone game that was made in just three days by a small development team.


      Guerilla Bob Review: 3/4

      Charadium: 4/4

      Pik’s Revenge: 3/4

      Kim Rhode’s Outdoor Shooting Review: 3/4

      Project 72: 3/4

      Crosslogic Ultimate: 3/4

      Cogs: 4/4

      Bloodlines: The Alexa Holmes Chronicles: 2/4


      Flight Control Sells 2 Million, iPad Version Coming

      Verizon Rumors Build As iPhone Image Suggests Link Up

      Tapulous Flees Pirate Infested iPhone Waters

      Tap Tap Revenge At Top of App Store

      Tablets With Game Apps Detected in Apple HQ

      Breaking News: Apple Tablet Confirmed

      Dr. Who Set to Materialize on iPhone

      Ngmoco Producing New Game: GodFinger

      LBX Games: iPad A Challenge To Handhelds and Consoles

      Free Waterslide Ad Game Hits 10 Million Downloads

      Nintendo: iPad Just A Big iPod Touch

      New Vampire Origins Screens and Video


      Transformers G1: Awakening

      iPad Games Hands-On

      Vanquish: The Oath of Brothers


      Apple Press Event Live Blog

      Our iPhone 4.0 Wishlist

      STP Podcast #32: Final “Tablet” Fantasy

      STP Podcast #33: iPad Fingers For Sale

      Ten to Watch: Thursday, January 28

      Games We’d Like To See Upgraded For iPad


      N.O.V.A. iPad Hands-On

      Video Meltdown: GTA Video Review, Fleeced, Doodle Army, and more

      Need for Speed Shift iPad Hands-On

      Super Monkey Ball 2 iPad Hands-On

      Orbital iPad Hands-On

      Footage of Eliminate Pro Map “Rig” from Ngmoco

      Fleeced: Shear Terror Hands-On

      Doodle Army Hands-On

      1000 Find Em All Game Trailer

      Are You Alright? Hands-On