Replay Value: Saturday, January 23

    This week was dominated by the presence of Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. From its sneaky App Store appearance to our review a few days later, and then the news of GTA:CW’s subsequent dominance of the App Store, this was Rockstar’s week. But that’s not all that happened, and we’ve got dozens of stories worth reading up on.

    Just don’t tire yourself out, because next week is going to be positively insane. Will we see the iSlate, iPhone OS 4.0, and iLife 2010? We’re expecting it all at next week’s Apple press conference, along with a few surprises, and we’ll be reporting on all the gaming implications of their announcements.


    Pocket God Sells 2 Million

    Survey: iPhone Set for Wii-Beating Year

    iPhone Developer Fund Focuses on Haiti

    Free App A Day Makes Appvent Calendar Year Round

    Apple, Devs Have Lost Half a Billion to Pirates

    Xbox 360 RPG Magna Carta Puts Character Guide on iPhone

    Award Winning DS Game, Maestro, Announced for iPhone

    Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars is Top Grossing on App in Just Two Days

    Official SEGA Emulator Coming to iPhone

    Final Fantasy I & II Announced for iPhone

    GDC Awards Favor iPhone in Handheld Category

    Riddim Ribbon Due Out February 8th

    Tweet Defense Merges Games and Social Networking

    Wall Street Journal Reports Probable iSlate Details


    Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars: 4/4

    The Infinity Project: 3/4

    Dawn of the Dead : 2/4

    Doodle Bomb: Physics Puzzle with a Bang: 3/4

    Trump Tycoon: 3/4

    Compression: 2/4

    Isaac Newton’s Gravity: 4/4

    2012 Zombies Vs. Aliens: 2/4

    Spartacus: Blood and Sand: 2/4

    Updated Previews:

    GT Racing: Motor Academy Preview

    Galactic Keep: Dice Battles Preview


    Slide to Podcast #31: Time for the Indies to Shine

    Five to Watch: January 20

    New Videos:

    Riddim Ribbon from Tapulous Teaser Trailer

    Sherlock Holmes Mysteries Hands-On Video

    Zwirn Hands-On Video

    Isaac Newton’s Gravity Gameplay Trailer

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