Replay Value: Saturday, February 27


      This week on Slide To Play we reviewed both Final Fantasy games, plus the spectacular Artist Colony, Transformers G1 Awakening, and Brothers in Arms 2. We also covered some disappointments like Rise of the Triad and Noby Noby Boy.

      The big news this week was the controversy surrounding Apple’s censorship of the App Store, Ngmoco’s purchase of Freeverse, and the recent news that iPhone has taken third place in the smartphone wars. Read on for all our big stories of the week.


      Final Fantasy 2 Review

      Artist Colony Review

      Final Fantasy 1 Review

      Transformers G1 Awakening Review

      Necromancer Rising Review

      Colorbind Cheap Shot

      Rise of the Triad: Dark War Review

      Age of Tribes Review

      Alice in Wonderland: An Adventure Beyond the Mirror Review

      Zombie Cannon Carnage Review

      Rat on a Scooter XL Review

      Noby Noby Boy Cheap Shot

      Farm Frenzy 2 Review

      Brothers in Arms 2: Global Front Review


      Exclusive First Screens of Assault Squadron

      iPhone Takes Third Place in Smartphone Race

      Foursquare Fuels Privacy Debate

      Ngmoco Reveals Eliminate Co-Op Video, New Sites

      iPhone Gets Kick-Ass in April

      Ngmoco Raises 25 Million to Buy Freeverse

      Apple Cracks Down on Sexy iPhone Games and Apps

      Onlive Demos Crysis on iPhone, iPad Games Likely

      Previews and Features

      Zombie Escape Hands-On Preview

      Street Fighter 4 Hands-On Preview

      Friday Slide: Apple Thinks of the Children for All the Wrong Reasons

      Ten to Watch: Wednesday, February 24

      Slide to Play Podcast #36: Hook Champ Developer Kepa Auwae Visits


      Street Fighter 4 Hands-On Gameplay Video

      Exclusive Video: Phoenix Wright Hands-On

      Crunchy Planets iPhone Game Hands-On

      Zombie Smash Trailer

      Zombie Escape Hands-On

      Alice in Wonderland Hands-On Video

      Street Fighter 4 Dojo Mode Hands-On