Replay Value: Saturday, February 20


      The hits keep coming this week, as Parachute Ninja and Space Miner were some surprising Must Haves. Plus, we posted great reviews of Plants vs Zombies (in video and text) and the long-awaited Across Age.

      On Monday we received the bombshell news of Street Fighter IV coming to our favorite handset, and the really interesting news that Apple has upped the download limit to 20mb over 3G connections. Nadia also made her Friday Slide debut with an editorial about differences between the Big Three gaming handhelds. Here’s our weekly wrap-up of everything we covered.


      Space Miner: Space Ore Bust

      All-in-One Gamebox

      Heavy Gunner 3D

      Daisy Mae’s Alien Buffet

      Robot Rampage Cheap Shot

      Dracula: The Path of the Dragon – Part 1

      Parachute Ninja

      Red Ball Pro

      Bejeweled 2

      Angry Birds Review Update

      Gold Keeper Cheap Shot

      Shopping Cart Hero

      Are You Alright?

      Across Age

      Plants vs Zombies


      Street Fighter 4 Coming to iPhone

      Apple Increases 3G Download Cap to 20mb

      Microsoft Takes a Swipe at the iPhone

      Ngmoco’s Rolando 3 Going Freemium

      Bruce Lee Dragon Warrior Anounced

      GameSpot Publishes More Slide To Play Mobile and iPhone Reviews

      Gameloft and Ubisoft in Sibling Rivalry Over iPhone

      Noby Noby Boy Coming to iPhone Soon

      Activision Veterans iPhone-Bound with New Studio


      Ten to Watch: February 17

      Friday Slide: Wee Games on the DSiPad

      Slide to Play Podcast #35: The Chi of Plants vs Zombies is Out


      The Hero Hands-On Preview

      Ragdoll Blaster 2 Hands-On Preview


      Plants vs Zombies Video Review

      Robot Rampage Hands-On Video

      Parachute Ninja Hands-On Gameplay Video

      Giana Sisters Hands-On Gameplay Video

      Farm Frenzy 2 Hands-On Gameplay Video

      Artist Colony Hands-On Gameplay Video

      Godfinger from Ngmoco Trailer

      Space Miner: Space Ore Bust Hands-On Gameplay Video

      Radio Flare Redux Trailer

      The Hero From Chillingo Second Trailer