Replay Value: Saturday, February 13

    The second week of February turned out to be a big one! We had some great news come down the pipe that the sequel to Myst, Riven, will be coming to the iPhone. We also got some really neat exclusive details from Gamerizon about their upcoming Chop Chop Ninja spin-offs.

    On the review side of things, we got the final verdict on Gamevil’s anticipated action-RPG Vanquish, as well as Tapulous’ much hyped Riddim Ribbon, along with X2 Snowboarding and the surprising $0.99 underdog Tractor Beam.


    GT Racing: Motor Academy Review

    Makeout Mania Cheap Shot

    Tractor Beam Cheap Shot

    Call of Duty World at War Zombies Review Update

    X2 Snowboarding Review

    Doom 2 RPG

    Tehra: Dark Warrior Review

    Dead Strike Review Update

    Plushed Review Update

    Parcel Panic Review Update

    Create-a-Mall Review

    Riddim Ribbon Review

    Vanquish: The Oath of Brothers Review

    Hellkid Hook and Jump Cheap Shot

    1000 Find em All Review


    Revolution Software Working on Two New Titles

    Myst Sequel Riven Coming to iPhone

    Exclusive Preview Info: Chop Chop Runner and Chop Chop Tennis

    Pocket God Lands Comic Book Deal

    iPad a Game Changer, Claims Disney

    Gamevil Reports Millions in Profits in 2009

    Launch Date Announced for Plants vs Zombies

    Ubisoft: iPhone Not as Profitable as Other Formats

    Board Game App Announced for iPad

    Vib-Ribbon-esque Tune Racer Announced by Appy

    Rise of the Triad Coming to iPhone

    Survey: iPhone Development on the Rise


    Riddim Ribbon Hands-On Gameplay Video

    X2 Snowboarding Hands-On Gameplay Video

    AirStrike Defense Hands-On Gameplay Video

    Doom 2 RPG Hands-On Gameplay Video

    Pigs vs Wolves Hands-On Gameplay Video

    Age of Tribes Hands-On Gameplay Video

    Necromancer Rising Hands-On Gameplay Video

    Knife Toss Hands-On Gameplay Video

    Plants vs Zombies iPhone Trailer From Popcap


    Ten to Watch: Thursday, February 11

    Slide to Play Podcast #34: Andrew Has Been Cheating on Us!

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