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Reload Review

Gamers who have been to shooting ranges or enjoy carnival games will find Reload a familiar experience. On the other hand, the closest some of us have come to a shooting range is in the slingshot range in Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Reload closes the gap, giving players an enjoyable and somewhat authentic experience on a variety of ranges.

The gameplay of Reload is easy to learn. You have a crosshair to aim, a button to shoot, and a button to reload. To aim, you must drag your finger around the screen. Even though you don’t need to be touching the crosshairs to do this, this mechanic can still make you wish you had invisible thumbs. It is also difficult to move quickly across the small screen, even though moving quickly is vital.

Poorly placed poles.

Once you’ve figured out aiming, there are a variety of targets to fire upon. Realistically, they look like cardboard cut-outs on moving pegs, which snap back when shot. Some are enemies and some are civilians, and you can only kill three of the latter before losing. They change in appearance rather drastically, from blue figures to gun-toting thugs to terrorists, with the civilians changing to meet each thematic setting.

The shooting ranges come in many varieties, making the game feel dynamic, even if the graphics are sub-par. Enemies change behaviors as you progress through these ranges too, with some enemies even capable of shooting back if you don’t take them down quickly enough.

And then he opened fire on the foosball team.

There are also a wide variety of weapons, though you are limited to using just one on each level. You progress from a magnum to a sniper rifle, with a wide array in between, including a shotgun. And trust us: Trying to avoid clipping civilians while using a shotgun is difficult.

Reload is a fun shooting gallery game with a good deal of content. If you think you have fast enough reaction times, pick this one up.

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